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Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: : Packing for Travel by Karen Klopp

What 2 Wear is one of my go-to fashion sites.  In all the chatter about trends, pants shapes and bags of the year, What2WearWhere puts it all together in outfits for all occasions.  In both personal and professional life I tend to go blank and fall  back on all black.  What2Wear Where helps me use what I already have and steers me gently to what I  need.

Now they  have complied  many of their great outfits in a book– Packing  For Travel.  It covers just about every trip from  destination wedding to a safari.  The lists are comprehensive but not overwhelming.  I want to e pre[pared for any occasion and weather and tend to overpack.  ( My husband calls my new red suitcase “the cabin”). Packing for Travel showed me  what  to cut and what to keep without losing personal style or comfort.

In addition to well thought out packing lists, the book has wonderful original fashion ilustrations.   Far too  many beauty and fashion books  are  published with few if any  photos and illustrations.  By contrast Packing for Travel  has examples  of recommended fashions on practically page.   At  the end of the book, there are work sheets to plan out exactly what you need.

This is the  type of book I love.  Author Karen Klopp drills down into her topic to share valid and detailed information– and it has  earned a place on  my  holiday gift  list for the fashionistas in my life.   I am going to  bundle the gift with a snarky  luggage  tag eg ” This is definately not your bag”

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