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fashion flash logoI am thrilled to be  hosting Fashion Flash!  In October, there are so  many landmarks.  Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Diabetes Awareness Month and Eczema Awareness Month as well as Columbus Day and Halloween.  Like  all good  publications  our interests reflect our current isues and events:


*Melanie of Society Wellness has a recipe for  winter squash soup with pumpkin seeds that will rock your world

* Josephine of Chic  At Any Age loves that autumn is the season of soft russets and vibrant reds.  Our thoughts turn to keeping warm and making pumpkin soup. Hers is how to incorporate a flattering red sweater into your wardrobe.

*Pam of Over 50 Feeling 40  shows  us how to wear fall in soft colors

* Caryl of Second Lives Club  is watching the leaves  fall and our summer gardens starting to wither. Yet she  feels joy in speculating what the next seasons will bring.

*Cindy of Prime Beauty is  thrilled fall is here and  she is sharing  her recommendations for the top 10  nail polishes for fall.  Just in time to get you in the mood for hot apple cidar.

* Exercise Physiologist Mirabai of Moving Free  with Mirabai  shows you how  and why to walk from your core in the beautiful fall sunshine.

* And at No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  I   explore the Halloween Hangover.  Not  sugar  shock from  the candy  but  a splotchy skin from  witch make-up.   I decided to look for new  ways to  get in the Halloween spirit without destroying my skin.

Fashion FLash Book Review: How to Fake Real BeautyFashion Flash Book Review: How to Fake Beauty by Ramy Gafni

In 2015 eyebrows have been  the feature of the year. There  has been no shortage of advice on shaping and styling, but not much really worked for me.   Ramy Gafni, author of How to Fake Real Beauty” is a true brow guru. In fact the Today Show called him  the “Brow Whisperer”.  He offers   honest and genunely hepful advice. He is the first expert who admits tht we can’t really “choose”  our brow shapes.  Rather he explains how to work with our existing brow bone.  I also felt validated when he warned against  shaping the brow into the dreaded “C”.  This is what I wound  up with from  my”celebrity” brow expert.:(

By contrast Remy demonstrates how to cut the brows into a clear line.  He takes the same care to illustrate how to use powder and wax to add width and length to any brow. The book takes the same care to illustrate how to “fake”  radiant, healthy glow,  youthful  lips, white teeth and full smooth hair.

Remy has his own line of products but he also includes other brands  in his recommendations.  It adds an admirable credability to his advice.


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