Eczema– New Approach to an Old Problem

Eczema triggersMany people with eczema  have allergies or  have a family history of asthma  or  hay fever. Studies  have shown that up to 80% of children with eczem will go  to have asthma or  hey efver as adults. Given the role of allergies and inflammation in eczema there  are four  types of triggers:

1. Products that you use on the skin including detergents, buble bath, disinfectants and shampoos

2. Weather including hot weather, both low and high humidity and even getting over heated  from exercise

3.  Allergies including pollen, mold, dust mites  and foods like eggs, wheat and  nuts

4. Emotional and physical stress have been shown to trigger eczema outbreaks.  There have  alot of theories, but research points  to the activation of inflammatory chemicals in the body.

With all these  triggers, it seems like  just about everything  can bring  on eczema. ut  many of these factors can be controlled without living in a bubble. Since allergens like molds and  pollen  bury  deep in fabric, disrupting their favorite hiding places can be a step in the right  direction. here are five key areas to work on:

1.  Eliminate wall to wall  carpets.  Use areaa  rugs which can  be picked up and cleaned.

2. Avoid dust ruffles on  your beds

3. Use washable curtains rather than jeavy  drapes

4. Run a HEPA air filter to clean the air

5. Try  elimination diet to learn which if any of the common offenders trigger more irritation.  Egs,  milk and wheat are all excellent sources of nutrition and it would   be a shame to  avoid them needlessly.

New Ways to Reduce Redness

Standard treatment has  focused on heavy moisturizers and steroids to reduce inflammation.  Former  NIH investigator   Dr Cheryl Lee Eberting  believes that the disruption of the ph barrier in eczema is an imporant clue  in clearing the skin.   The natural ph of  healthy skin is slightly acidic  and unfortuneately   most cleasers and moisturizers  damage the protect acid mantle.  Look for  mildly acid cleansers like  CereVe Hydrating Cleanser  and moisturizers like True  Lipids developed by Dr Eberting.

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