Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logo Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Josephine of Chic at Any  Age is hosting Fashion Flash!  Have you ever seen a women  on the streets of Europe  with this special style– and wonder how  she  does it?   Josephine  who moves between London and San Tropez  has that special look and generously shares  her style secrets.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: How to Get Dressed by Alison Freer.

Once upon a time, we got our style advice from magazines like Vogue, Glamour, and the late lamented Seventeen ad Madmoiselle.  It was  a one size fits all  solution aimed at  convincing us  to  buy more clothes. Today a wide ange of fashion experts are out there with a wide range of  information.   We can get advice from stylists, celebrities,online experts and  the designers themselves.   I have found that costume designers– those men and women  who create iconic movie and TV styles– are among my favorite type of expert.

When I heard that  How to Get Dressed was  written by a costume designer,  I could not wait  to get my hands on the book.  Rather than a guide to shopping  and getting dressed the book is more focused  on how to care for and tailor for the clothes you already own. There is a chapter  on fitting tips and techniques, but nothing I haven’t heard before.  She shares my  love of vintage style, but again there is nothing  really new about her advice on their wear and value.

But its in the style  the emergency chapter  that earns  this book a spot  on  my bulging  fashion bookshelves.  I first saw this type of prep when I went backstage at Fashion Week. I saw boxes of foot  pads, tapes, pins–  and  was mesmerized as they were  put into action.   In “How to Get Dressed” Freer drills down to show how to deal with all too common problems.   Stains, gaps, rips, and hems , its all now easy  to fix with How to Get Dressed  emergency supplies.  I was really impressed to learn that  Wet Ones  antibacterial wipes  remove  almost any minor stain while misting feet with Pam makes   tight shoes instantly comfortable.   And I’ve put away my ironning board forever after switching to an affordable  steamer to erase wrinkles.  A detailed explanation on  how to use Topstick doublestick tape is alone wrth the price of the book.

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