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fashion flash logoThis week, Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash!  She has  a list of impressive academic credentials that gives me faith in her  fitness recommendations– and she  has never steered me wrong.  Since I tend to gain weight in winter, I am especially excited about her new  cold weather exercise program.  I am actually looking forward to snow  just to try out her  winter routines.

This week  I am so excited to add  another beauty  site to Fashion Flash.  Beauty Info Zone has  great  product reviews and co-founder Marcia   likes to describe herself as the “Queen of Giveaways”.  She and her blog partner Lisa  are  make-up artists and educators  who have turned their passion for  all things beauty into a  highly ranked and popular beauty site.   I know you will  enjoy her  insight and advice as much as I do.

Fashion Flash Book Review: Fabulous HairFashion Flash Book Review: Fabulous Hair by Robert Vetica

Over the years, I’ve  learned to be a little dubious  of celebrity  beauty credentials.  These days,  every other  lifestyle book is by a make-up artist  or hair stylist with a  list of famous and beautiful clients

Their work looks great, but they are starting with flawless skin, perfect features and yards of beautiful hair.  Seriously, how hard can it  be to make  Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson  or Reese Witherspoon look  gorgeous. But despite the natural good  looks of their clients, stylists  like  Vetica definately  have tricks and tips that can benefit all women.

For example, Vetica is considered one of the top experts in “Red Carpet Hair”.  This is a long  mane of  waves and loose curls that seems to be the #1 hairstyle on every red carpet event.  I’ve  seen dozens of versions in local salons that look wonderful  in the shop but  quickly collapse  during  an event.  A  bit of  humidity, a gust of wind and it either frizzes up or  goes straight and flat.    Turns  out that  there is indeed a secret ingredent and Vetica not  only shares the key to long lasting style, he  offers detailed  how -to explanations. Vetica  has a “Fabuous Hair Kit”  of  styling essentials and  I have to admit  I had very few of the recommended products on my bathroom shelves.BTW one of these essential products is gel,  which  allows those long  red carpet curls last  for hours.

Fabulous Hair divides  hair not by  age, color or  texture, but by volume.  He  details the strengths and challenges of fine, medium and full hair– and how to get the maximum style for each type.This is not a book to help you pick a style otr color for daily life.  Rather it is a great guide to special occasion hair.   I only wish I had owned this book for my proms and weddings

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