Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week  Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting  Fashion Flash.  Right now  she is  hosting  guests  in Jordan  and  her internet was fading as she was uploading  this week’s Fashion Flash.  She  worked very hard to get Fashion Flash online and I know you will enjoy it.  Inka  spent  most of her professional life  as an international  attorney  and  decided to  change  her life and  file  articles as a travel writer. Her  life arc is  like so  many women these days.   We don’t have a single  path, but a journey  of starts and turns as new  careers and new challenges shape our lives. And  I wouldn/t have it any other way.

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Peppermint Health and Beauty Benefits

peppermint candy canesTo me peppermint candy canes  are the utimate symbol of winter holidays.  And it turns out that peppermint is an entire  medica chest in a single package.  Peppermint for health and beauty is made  from the leaves  of the peppermint plant that grows widely  in Europe and North America. The  oil is extracted from the leaves and is helpful in four main areas:

For Your Tummy:

Peppermint oil is an antispasmodic that relaxes  muscles in the colon to relieve cramps. Canadian styudies have shown that this  tea can very helpful for IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome)

 For Colds and Allergies

The menthol found in peppermint is a standard and effective treatment for congestion  due to either respiratory infections or allergies. Menthol actually  increases production of … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash.  I love her site that  is a blend of plus size activism and gorgeous  fashions. She also is relaunching her  popular e- commerce  site which proves that style is not a size.  My aunt  was a beautiful blonde  who was  not able to find  what she needed for  her social obligations.  She would often stay home because  she did not want to “embarass” her husband.  She was a lovely intelligent woman and  I only wish  Black Cat Plus had been  around  for advice and support.

Jodell   also  is the  proud parent of a beautiful show cat  who has been  winning  ribbons  at every event she enters.

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Holiday Skin Check Video– The Best Gift for You and Your Family

 SKin Check -- the bestNo-Nonsense Holiday GiftFor most of us holiday traditions include family  parties, great food, lighting all sorts of candles  and piles of brightly wrapped gifts.  In  our home we have added a new holiday radition– an annual  skin cancer  check.  As a heath and beauty writer I wrote about  skin cancer, but myself went decades between skin check-ups.  Then a random physical office visit uncovered  skin cancer in my husband and a precancerous spot on my leg.   If you’ve ever waited for a biopsy, you will want to do anything to avoid a repeat episode.  We vowed to have an annual skin  check but the months kept rolling by.

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week MaryLou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash!  Our culture is so  youth oriented and I rarely see   women  who look  like me in magazine ads, TV and movies.  That’s why  I find Second Lives Club so empowering.  Each week she  features inspiring women  who make the  second half of their lives  even better than the first  half.  Subscribe to this dynamic  site not to miss   the post that could change your life.

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No Nonsense Wipes Holiday Special Sale

No-Nonsense Mini-WipesWhen I  introduced No Nonsese Wipes this fall, the response was terriffic.   I love these microfiber mini-cloths and I am thrilled that so  many of you share my enthusiasm.   Not only are  people  re-ordering them, they are ordering 6-8   packages at a time.   To thank all of you  for your support I have put together a  set   of mini-wipes for the holiday season. It consists  of a full size set of gift wrapped wipes to  give  to a friend  and as a thank you, a free holiday mini pack of three wipes for you.  In a gold and white holiday package the wipes are pefect  as a stocking stuffer, for   secret santa exchanges and as a  hostess gift. The  gift … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is an anti-aging expert  whose advice I have learned to trust.  Totally.  She is one of those people that  gets  it right  long before others  have  even defined a problem. For example  during  past six months,  I  have  been  seriously tired and  Jackie has been urging me to take vitamin B12 tablets that dissolve in the mouth.  My blood tests  did not indicate that I  had a problem, but I was still exhausted.  Finally, I was  ready to try anything and I  started  sucking on a tiny vitamin B12  tablet.  Within  two days, the bounce was back in my step.   I was   back to my  usual 12 work day with ease and enthusiasm.  Then  just this … Continue Reading…

The High Cost of Beauty Just Got Higher

high price of prescription sOver the past few months I  have been hearing  reports of the soaring  costs  of prescription skin care products.  For example I have received emails from readers about  the heart-stopping prices for  Retin A Micro( for anti-aging), BenzaClin ( for acne)  and Finacea ( for rosacea). In some cases the prices  have jumped as much as  400%. At first I thought it was  just a mistake or  an out of control pharmacy.  Actually that would  have been good news.  A little  research revealed   that insanely high prices for older drugs  are an all too common problem these days.

Three years ago, 45 gram tube of Retin A  Micro was $300.   Today, a 20 gram tube- about  half the size- is $450.BenzaClin, a combination of clindamycin … Continue Reading…