Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is an anti-aging expert  whose advice I have learned to trust.  Totally.  She is one of those people that  gets  it right  long before others  have  even defined a problem. For example  during  past six months,  I  have  been  seriously tired and  Jackie has been urging me to take vitamin B12 tablets that dissolve in the mouth.  My blood tests  did not indicate that I  had a problem, but I was still exhausted.  Finally, I was  ready to try anything and I  started  sucking on a tiny vitamin B12  tablet.  Within  two days, the bounce was back in my step.   I was   back to my  usual 12 work day with ease and enthusiasm.  Then  just this week,  a new study came  out that  one of the drugs  I use for diabetes, lowers vitamin  B12 and  doctors now recommended exactly what  jackie had urged  me to take for the past  two years.   As I said,  she just gets it right.  Subscribe to her  wonderful blog not to miss a single  piece of good advice. jackie is also  an enormously talented filmmaker.  She  produced and edited all my videos on Youtube and  is an expert on creating slide shows like Animoto.  I just did one  on Fashion Week and we are currently working on a slide show ( with music!) on skin checks  for cancer.   If you want  a video/slide show , this is  your go-to person.

Announcing A New Fashion Flash Member!

I am so delighted to introduce   our newest Fashion Flash blogger– Erika Costello of Notes  From my  Dressing Table.  This Arizona-based  beauty expert started a site with a  focus on  nail art and   then expanded to cover  the entire firld of beauty. In the coming months she will  be exploring an even wider range of lifestyle topics.  She has a keen eye and a great sense of  humour  and I know you will enjoy Notes From My Dressing Table as  much as I do.

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