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Fashion FLash Book Review: THe Life CHanging Magic of Tidying UpFashion Flash  Book Review: The Life  Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

I am a sucker for self improvement books-  how to lose weight, sew my own slipcovers, plant an herb garden, and  make my own baby food.  I also love to collect vintage  dishes, books, and I have a home office so clutter control is high on my radar. When  I saw a demonstration of the Marie Kondo folding system, I knew I had to get my hands on a copy of her book, The Life Changing magic of Tidying Up.  It  is an international bestseller and  the author is one of the most famous women in Japan.

But from the first pages, I could not really see  how the “Kon Mari” method would  work for me.  For example she recommends  eliminating almost all of your books and store the remaining  few volumes in  closets. Turns out she was thinking of the  Janpanese closets  which includes  bookcase like shelves.  She also does not believe in  any type of conventional  storage boxes.  Her only recommendation  for storage  turns out to be the white cardboard boxes that Apple use to package their products.  It  just  makes  me wonder  just how  many Apple phones, laptops and tablets she  owns.

The book is dotted  with anecdotes and advice that seem  odd:

* Empty your  handbag each night and put away all the contents.

*Hang your kitchen and bathroom sponges  on your veranda to dry ( veranda???)

* When you take over your shoes at the door, thank them for  their hard work during the day

* Difficulties of storing  Shinto shrine charms

* Advice for mom’s who host teas  or give flower arranging classes  in their home

I also realized  that there was no mention of the vast amount of equipment,clothing, and toys that come with the arrival of children in the home. Not is there any awareness of the  millions of people who work at  home. Its clear that  Marie Kondo has never seen the  necessary clutter of strollers, bikes and car seats much less met an eight year old  boy with a Lego collection.

I did a bit of research on the author and I was not surprised she was barely 30, single and childless.  She  just had not the life experiences  that create clutter or tried to negociate with a spouse to give up  his   collection of running shoes and baseball caps.  I do think  her advice would be helpful for  young  people who live alone in a a small space, but dumping the content of a family home in the middle of the floor would be terrifying.

However the folding technique  does  give you at least 20% more space in sweater and underwear drawers.  Unfortuneatly  the explanation in the book is is very  difficult to follow.  Happily  there are great videos on YouTube demonstrating the magical fold.  There, I just saved you  $16.00 and increased your  drawer space by 20%.

Since this book  did not have the answers I was looking for, does anyone know of an effective declutter/storage system?



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