Holiday Skin Check Video– The Best Gift for You and Your Family

 SKin Check -- the bestNo-Nonsense Holiday GiftFor most of us holiday traditions include family  parties, great food, lighting all sorts of candles  and piles of brightly wrapped gifts.  In  our home we have added a new holiday radition– an annual  skin cancer  check.  As a heath and beauty writer I wrote about  skin cancer, but myself went decades between skin check-ups.  Then a random physical office visit uncovered  skin cancer in my husband and a precancerous spot on my leg.   If you’ve ever waited for a biopsy, you will want to do anything to avoid a repeat episode.  We vowed to have an annual skin  check but the months kept rolling by.

I relaized that a needed a date that would always trigger a reminder– and the winter holiday season seemed  perfect.  Like  who can ignore this time of year with glowing menorahs and bejeweled trees everywhere you look.  Our annual holiday skin check is now as much as part of the season as  candy canes and latkes.  And to show you that a full skin check is quick, easy and painless, MaryLou of Second Lives Club photographed  my skin check with Dr Ellen Marmur and Jackie of Aging Backwards  turned the photos into a great slide video. Covered  by almost all  insurance plans, IMO  a full body skin check is the most important gift of the year.

The Skin Check for Cancer–  Close-Up and Personal

The full skin check starts  at the top of the head and  ends up  at the tips and sides of the toes.  (FYI the Reggae great Bob Marley died of melanoma that started as a small spot between his toes.)  Skin cancer  can take  many forms from a small red spot to  a slightly raised tan patch to a tiny dark freckle-like  spot.  Dr Marmur,  an internationally  respected  skin cancer surgeon, uses a polarized magnifying glass to help her  her judge  the depth and texture of a spot.  An annual  skin check with Dr marmur will  allow her to digitally track old spots as well as find  new ones that  cropped up.

Use the holidays as a reminder to make an appointment for a skin check. Its a gift  that keeps on giving.

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