Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Jodell of Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash.  I love her site that  is a blend of plus size activism and gorgeous  fashions. She also is relaunching her  popular e- commerce  site which proves that style is not a size.  My aunt  was a beautiful blonde  who was  not able to find  what she needed for  her social obligations.  She would often stay home because  she did not want to “embarass” her husband.  She was a lovely intelligent woman and  I only wish  Black Cat Plus had been  around  for advice and support.

Jodell   also  is the  proud parent of a beautiful show cat  who has been  winning  ribbons  at every event she enters.

Fashion Flash Cover StarFashion Flash Cover Star:  Dr Gary Goldenberg

I was so excited to see Dr Gary Goldenberg of Mount Sinai Medical Center  on the cover of The Dermatologist.  Dr Goldenberg  has  been endlessly generous with his time and knowledge  of a wide range of skin care issues. He has been  my resource  for   the No-Nonsense series on acne, as well as  posts on  acne scars, skin changes in menopause, and botox vs fautox,  just to  name  a few.  He is a superb physician and   everyone  who has seen him personally  have actually thanked me  for  the recommendation. He is equally skilled in both cosmetic and medical dermatology and one of the few  doctors I trust with my own skin. He also has an integrity that is rare these  days and  you can trust his advice.

Currently we are  working together on an intriguing mix of topics including, the hows and whys  of  Korean skin care,  what  can  be  used safely to treat acne during pregnancy, new treatments for melanoma, psorisis and eczema  and the best way to regrow eyerows. If you  have specific  skin care questions, email them to me and I will ask Dr Goldenberg for the answers.

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