Peppermint Health and Beauty Benefits

peppermint candy canesTo me peppermint candy canes  are the utimate symbol of winter holidays.  And it turns out that peppermint is an entire  medica chest in a single package.  Peppermint for health and beauty is made  from the leaves  of the peppermint plant that grows widely  in Europe and North America. The  oil is extracted from the leaves and is helpful in four main areas:

For Your Tummy:

Peppermint oil is an antispasmodic that relaxes  muscles in the colon to relieve cramps. Canadian styudies have shown that this  tea can very helpful for IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome)

 For Colds and Allergies

The menthol found in peppermint is a standard and effective treatment for congestion  due to either respiratory infections or allergies. Menthol actually  increases production of watery mucus that  washes out  clogged airways.  In addition,  menthol has been shown to shrinks swollen   tissue in the repiratory system,  promting easier breathing.   Inhaling menthol fumes loosens mucus in the lungs and helps clam coughing.

For Pain Relieving Pain

The warming  sensation of  menthol on the skin can relieve a wide range of body aches.  Menthol rubs are a time honored remedy for sore muscles and aching joints.  The generated warmth blocks sensation from  pain nerves. Pure peppermint oil dabbed on the temples can also interrupt a hedache.

 As a Beauty Aid

Peppermint has been shown to be  anti-bacterial and  is an excellent ingredient in toothpste and  mouth wash.  In a skin freshener, it provides a refreshing cool sensation and  may temporarily shrink pores.  In a face  mask, it stimulates circulation giving the skin a healthy rosy glow

A Note of Caution

As an ingredient that is so effective, peppermint can pose a problem for some people.  If you have GERD or heartburn, it can make you feel worse.  If you have rosacea or  very sensitive skin, peppermint is  something you probably want to avoid.

DIY Peppermint Treatments

Peppermint enriched products  ( eg  body rubs, teas, and toothpaste) are widely available and affordable.  But if you are  a diehard DIY enthusiast, you can make an entire medicine chest of  products.  You can buy fresh  or dried mint or even grow your own.   A cup of mint tea can be the foundation of remedies  for your stomach, skin and  lungs.  I like to break off a pice of  a candy cane and melt it into a cup of hot  tea.  Its my  favorite holiday tradition that can be shared  by the entire family.

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  1. Actually peppermint is not supposed to be that helpful for heartburn. Acid reducing agents like Pepcid or Nexium will do a better job. Peppermint seems better for cramps and lower stomach pain.

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