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fashion flash logoThis week  Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting  Fashion Flash.  Right now  she is  hosting  guests  in Jordan  and  her internet was fading as she was uploading  this week’s Fashion Flash.  She  worked very hard to get Fashion Flash online and I know you will enjoy it.  Inka  spent  most of her professional life  as an international  attorney  and  decided to  change  her life and  file  articles as a travel writer. Her  life arc is  like so  many women these days.   We don’t have a single  path, but a journey  of starts and turns as new  careers and new challenges shape our lives. And  I wouldn/t have it any other way.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Beautiful Encore by Anne Reizer

This is just about the best fashion/beauty book for women over 50.  It is actually three books in one:

  1. It illustrates more than 25 makeovers  that are both beautiful and realistic
  2. The women featured in the  makeovers are talented, dynamic and inspirational.
  3. Offers 10 info packed segments on health, fitness, fashion and nutrition  written by well established experts

Beautiful Encore  is a comprehensive look at the second half of our lives.  As young girls we see our lives in a series of universal steps  — high school, college, marriage, children, mother of the bride and grandma.  And then  well laid out plans come to a dead stop.  There is no map for the second half of our lives.  Beautiful  Encore is a well written, informative and empowering  guide for this  uncharted territory.

Author Anne Reizer genuinely wants  to help women.  For example too  many makeover guides show a “before ” women in a limp pony tail and sweat pants.  The “after” women show  full hair and  make-up in cocktail attire.  But in Beautiful Encore  the makeovers offer a variety of looks for each woman.

The profiles of women provide wonderful answers to  the question” what do I do with the rest of my life”?  It shares the different life journeys that offer  real time options. From nurse to trvel agent, insurance exec to master gardener and special needs teacher to  ceramic artist, this book profiles the arcs of satisfying lives after fifty.To bottom line it, Beautiful Encore  will be  my go-to gift for my gal pals  in 2016.

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