The Ultimate Eyebrow

Last spring I went to an expensive celebrity  eyebrow expert.  In less than 5 minutes he reduced  my thick unruly  brows to a skinny, ugly semi-circle.  I left as quickly as I could   muttering to myself, “at least I have bangs, at least I have bangs”

I vowed to discover the real secrets of a good looking brow.  It has taken almost nine months for my brows to grow back enough to try out other brow beauty options. Talking to  experts, I began to underestand the basic issues behind eyebrow shape and volume. In reality, our brows are determined by the shape of the  brow  bone and  the pattern of hair growth. While brow styles go in and out of fashion, the basic shape  follows individual  anatomy. Blondes  have lighter, sparser brows, but  as we grow older   most of our brows  shorten and thin out. Working within these … Continue Reading…

Is Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Marcia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion FLash.  Marica is  one of  our new sites and this is  her first time  hosting our Monday  post.  Beauty Info Zone   constantly amazes  as it features  terriffic new products.  Even better  Marica  offers  frequent giveaways of   beauty care products that you actually want.  Subscribe to her wonderful  site so that you don’t miss a single  product profile or giveway.

FFashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Pioneer Girl by Laura Ingalls Wilder ( edited by Pamela Smith Hill)

Calling all Little House on The Prairie fans!  Pioneer Girl is both the original mauscript … Continue Reading…

Is EOS Lip Balm a Health Hazard?

reaction to EOSPhotos of a bad reaction to EOS lip bam seems to be everwhere.  Los Angeles  resident  Rachel Cronin claims that EOS  lip balm caused   her to develop ” boils and blisters on and around her lips.  The photos are vivid and Cronin has hired  legendary attorney Mark Geragos and filed a class action suit against EOS. The number of people in the suit is not yet known, but there are  many reports  of  similar reactions o the EOS Facebook pages.

Causes of EOS Problems

There is no clear cause of the bad reaction.  Dr Marie Jhin, a  San Fransisco based  dermatologist, was quoed in the Huffington Post  pointing to the vitamin E ( tocopherol) in the lip balm.  While vitamin E is an effective antioxidant its … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Beth of  Style At A Certain Age  is hosting Fashion Flash.  I am completely  addicted  to this wonderful fashion site.  Each and every post   gives me  new ideas on how to  wear  what I  already have  and what I need to   buy to  make  my wardrobe work even better.  She uses color brilliantly and shows  how  a woman of a certain age  can rock a look for  any occasion.  Subscribe to this  wonderful fashion resource  and  you will feel confident in any room you enter.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  Happy Hair Days by Phillip Kingsley

Bad hair days  seem to  as much part of  a woman’s  life as bra shopping and cramps.  And when your  hair is both thinning  or brittle, almost every … Continue Reading…

The Truth About Microbeads

cleansers that contain microbeadsMicrobeads are tiny plastic bits that are  used as exfoliators  in  skin care products.  Regular exfoliation is essential to remove the top ead  layer of skin cells and dirt that make a complexion  look dull and muddy.  Not only does exfoliation freshen and clarify the skin, it also stimulates  cell growth. Nice.

Microbeads may be good for the skin, but  not  so much for the environment. Microbeads are not biodegradable and  when rinsed off the skin, these little round plastic bits  are accumulating  in the lakes and oceans.  Studies indicate that fish  consume  microbeads which  can put these  beads into  our food supply.  That’s the  bad news.  The good news?  At the very end of last year  President Obama signed  the Microbead Free Water Act of 2015.2015.  This … Continue Reading…

What’s Wrong With Wen?

Problems with Wen Wen hair care products have replaced Retin A as the   #1 beauty issue I get at  No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  Online and off, the news has been  filled  with reports of injuries from these popular  hair care products.

What is Wen?

Wen cleansing conditioner is distinctly different  from a traditional shampoo.  Usually we wet  our hair and rub  in a soapy shampoo that foams up to clean both the hair and the scalp.  By contrast, Wen is  described as a cleansing conditioner that is applied  to the hair, but does not foam up.  Directions recommend  using  a generous handful that is massaged  into wet hair and scalp, leaving it on thru the rest of  a shower. Then it   should be combed thru … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week  Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting  Fashion FLash for the first time. I love her real time approach to  beauty care  products and her hands on approach to  exploring  new options for  nail, skin  and make-up.  Make certain you subscribe to her  site   to avoid mising  any of her  helpful and  always entertaining posts.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution by Mark Liponis, MD

Since the #1 New Year’s Resolution is “lose weight”, a new diet  book seems like a natural choice for the first Fashion Flash book review of the new year. … Continue Reading…