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fashion flash logoThis week  Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting  Fashion FLash for the first time. I love her real time approach to  beauty care  products and her hands on approach to  exploring  new options for  nail, skin  and make-up.  Make certain you subscribe to her  site   to avoid mising  any of her  helpful and  always entertaining posts.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution by Mark Liponis, MD

Since the #1 New Year’s Resolution is “lose weight”, a new diet  book seems like a natural choice for the first Fashion Flash book review of the new year. The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution provides insight into choosing the weight loss plan that would  work best for  you.  As the corporate medical director of the legendary Canyon Ranch, the author has the training and experience to back his views.  He divides  people into two groups– Hunterswho do best on a low carb, high protein diet — eg Atkins, Paleo, South Beach and Zone diet.  Farmers need a whole grain/low fat diet to be slim ad healthy.  Examples  of the Farmer style diet  include  the DASH diet, Weight Watchers and the Dean Ornish plan.

Dr Luponis explains the body chemistry behind each dietary  profile and even has two sets of supplements and exercise plans to complement  the meal plans.  The science   seems  sound and it provides a very satisfying answer to the age  old question–  which  diet gives the best results.  The answer? It depends on your own body profile.

The book incudes Canyon Ranch recipes for both hunters and farmers which  look delicious but are designed to serve  8 people.  This can   be both expensive and lead to  serious overeating.  However  the recipes provide an idea of the range of meals available  for both diet plans.  I am definately a “hunter”  but eat  much more like  a “farmer”. This might explain why  I need three sizes of jeans in my closet as my weight  goes up and down. I have a made a  New Year’s resolution to try  out the hunter eating plan in January to take off   my  happy holiday pounds.

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