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fashion flash logoThis week Beth of  Style At A Certain Age  is hosting Fashion Flash.  I am completely  addicted  to this wonderful fashion site.  Each and every post   gives me  new ideas on how to  wear  what I  already have  and what I need to   buy to  make  my wardrobe work even better.  She uses color brilliantly and shows  how  a woman of a certain age  can rock a look for  any occasion.  Subscribe to this  wonderful fashion resource  and  you will feel confident in any room you enter.

Fashion Flash Book Review:  Happy Hair Days by Phillip Kingsley

Bad hair days  seem to  as much part of  a woman’s  life as bra shopping and cramps.  And when your  hair is both thinning  or brittle, almost every day can be a bad hair day. Seeral years ago my BFF Anika asked me to go with her to the Phillip Kinsley Salon in NYC.  They  specialized  in treating   problem hair and Anika needed a wingman to go with her  for a consultation.

AtI was so impressed with the   diagnostic interview and suggesed treatment  plan. It focused on diet, medica tests she should request from her doctor  and daily hair care techniques.  Kingsley products were an afterthought and the low key sales approach just made me trust his recommendations more.   I ws  so impressed. I bought  the line of products for a cousin with problem hair.

The salon was in NYC and  fairly  pricey.  So I was thrilled  to pick up a copy of Happy Hair Days by Phillip Kingsley.  Its a small book  packed with  genuinely helpful advice and tips including:

  • There is no cure for split ends.  Only  remedy  is to cut them off
  • Thinning hair is often due to lack of protein  and iron in the diet
  • If anti- dandruff shampoos are not working, you could have eczema or psoriasis
  • A cold water rinse after after a shampoo is not helpful — but a pre-shampoo  massage is.

Every page has a useful piece of information and there  is not a single pitch for their  products.  How  nice is that?

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