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fashion flash logoThis week Marcia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion FLash.  Marica is  one of  our new sites and this is  her first time  hosting our Monday  post.  Beauty Info Zone   constantly amazes  as it features  terriffic new products.  Even better  Marica  offers  frequent giveaways of   beauty care products that you actually want.  Subscribe to her wonderful  site so that you don’t miss a single  product profile or giveway.

FFashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Pioneer Girl by Laura Ingalls Wilder ( edited by Pamela Smith Hill)

Calling all Little House on The Prairie fans!  Pioneer Girl is both the original mauscript for  what became  the Laura Ingalls Wilder series and the story behind  these iconic books of the American West. Pioneer Girl was originally an autobiography  written for adults. Laura Wilder and her daughter Rose  spent three years writing and rewriting it, but no agent or publisher  would  stay with the project. Finally Mrs Wilder  sat down alone at a little  oak desk and using her life  as inspiration, wrote Little House in the Big Woods  as a children’s book.  She wrote by hand,  in pencil,  on a lined  paper tablet.  Her daughter typed it up  and the rest  is publishing history.  Pioneer Girl is beautifully annotated to show how and where true life events show up in the Little House books. Its fascinating to see how she wove biographical events  and  added new characters and events to creative a dynamic narrative that has captivated generations of  girls. I  was a total  Little House fanatic.  I made  little models of the  cabins for my daughters and even bought the Little House on the Prairie Cookbook. (FYI the recipes  sounded much better in the books than  they  tasted) . Pioneer  Girl  provides another  way to go  deeper into the story.

And I saved the best  part  for last. I was  thrilled to read that Mrs Wilder did not even start writing these books until  she was 60– and continued to write  until well into her  70’s.  Yes! Many of my fellow bloggers started writing  after thier children were grown.  Others worked  at jobs that  paid the rent if not the soul.  Reading that Laura Ingalls Wilders began her career as a novelist  as a senior  is so inspiring!

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