The Ultimate Eyebrow

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These are my brows today, nine months after they were over tweezed by a so called expert.

Last spring I went to an expensive celebrity  eyebrow expert.  In less than 5 minutes he reduced  my thick unruly  brows to a skinny, ugly semi-circle.  I left as quickly as I could   muttering to myself, “at least I have bangs, at least I have bangs”

I vowed to discover the real secrets of a good looking brow.  It has taken almost nine months for my brows to grow back enough to try out other brow beauty options. Talking to  experts, I began to underestand the basic issues behind eyebrow shape and volume. In reality, our brows are determined by the shape of the  brow  bone and  the pattern of hair growth. While brow styles go in and out of fashion, the basic shape  follows individual  anatomy. Blondes  have lighter, sparser brows, but  as we grow older   most of our brows  shorten and thin out. Working within these limitations there are four great options and I have found trusted technicians that will allow me  to try them all and post my results.

1.Eyebrow Brow Make-Up

Everyday there seems to be a new powder, template, pencil or wand that promises  to  give us world class brows. I’ve  not had much success with them. The results look furry and artificial.  I think there is a learning curve to using them and I am going to get  some lessons in the  right way to use them

2.Tinting the Existing Eyebrows

After  cleaning up the straggly hairs below the arch of my brow I  am having them  colored with a semi-permanent tint.  Yhis will darken the existing brow hairs as well as make the tiny pale  brow hairs more visible. And yes, I am nervous.

3.Brow Enhancement

Very much  like  false eyelashes, individual hairs are applied to the brow to increase length and volume.  They last  for several weeks and are about the same price as professionally applied individual eyelashes.

4.Hair Growth Serums

It sounds like  science fiction– a product that can actually regrow hair.  There  are now two  that have FDA approval —  Rogaine used to regrow  hair on the scalp and Latisse to lengthen lashes.  There are reports that  they are both useful for brow regrowth.  It takes at least severl months to show results   which is  why its going to be the last option I try.

This photo shows my brows as they look today.  They have definitely grown thinner over the the years and I have  pretty much lost the “tail” of  my right eyebrow.  Without the little brown freckle, it would  look like half a brow.   I can clean up the  random hairs below the arch, but I  can’t change the shape  with a tweezer.  Lets seem what the new  options  deliver.  And  at least I have  my  bangs to cover disasters.



6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Eyebrow

  1. Nice article Deb. The problem with tinting brows, even with permanent color is that the color doesn’t last very long. I do it every time I color my hair at the salon. It lasts about 2 weeks or less. I think because I wash my face a lot more frequently than my hair. Love to know if the brow enhancement works./

    There is one brow product I’ve found that I like (but can’t find it at the moment to give the name – its a small round tub divided in half. one half is wax, the other powder. Works pretty well.

    • Thanks so much Te! I’ve heard that the eyebrow wears off in a few weeks, but I am curious to see it’s impact. I am actually most excited about the FDA approved hair re growth serums. They may be a more permanent solution. And I would love to get the name of your favorite eyebrow make up.

      • Found it – It’s SmashBox – but some years old

        by the way with the dyed brows, I meant no more than two weeks literally, versus 4-to-6 weeks for hair, same dye.

  2. I go every 6 weeks to an eyebrow specialist. I previously had tried for years to shape them myself by tweezing and later with limited success waxing. The shape by the specialist is quite “natural”. She put me on to using Laura Mercier brow pencil (Blonde). I have brown hair but the colouring suits me and the softness of the pencil make it very forgiving without sharp lines.

  3. It’s nice to know someone else suffers from over plucked brows! Thin brows were fashionable in the 90s and 00s and now bold, strong brows are in fashion and many of us still have sparse brows. Some good tips!

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