Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Mary Lou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion FLash.  Its  hard to think of a more timely site than Second Lives Club.  It is dedicated to showing  how  we can make the second  fifty years of  our lives  as exciting and meaningful as the first fifty.  In addition to hosting a must read  site, Mary Lou has reached out  to  similarly minded groups to find  new opportuities  for the baby boomer genertion.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Make Do and Mend

On the one hand there is Marie Kondo urging us to empty  of most of  what  we  own. … Continue Reading…

Amethyst– February Birthstone That Works for Everyone

amethystThe amethyst, birthstone of February is often called the queen of quartz.  In shades that range from plae lavendar to deep purple, amethysts are flattering on virtually everyone.  Available in both smooth beads as well as faceted jewels, they look beautiful with silver as well as combined with pearls  and gold.  In the 1970’s purple was associated with spirituality and was worn with everything  from  short shorts to mid calf wool coats.  Amethysts are particularly versatile, capable of adding warmth to a grey gaberdine pants suit or a delicate color of flowered summer dress and is an unexpected vibrant companion to basic brown.

Amethyst Backstory

The name  amethyst  comes fromm  the Greek  meaning ” not intoxicated”– a belief that it prevents the wearer  from becomng … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  When I first met  Jackie  I have to admit I was slightly annoyed that this young woman  had so  much advice about aging  and she clearly  was years away from the aging health and beauty  problems.  Then I found out that Jackie was over 50 and right then and there I decided that this girl  cerainly knew something. Not only does she  has a broad knowlwdge  she has almost an instinct  for the right answer. She turned  me onto cabbage jucie  for stomach  problems, B12 for fatigue and taught me how  pose for great photos. She  is also an amazing cinematographer and you can see some of her videos and slideshows on  the Fashion Flash Youtube chanel. … Continue Reading…

The Pros and Cons of Royal Bee Jelly

Royal bee Jelly questionQuestion:  Each morning  my neighbor puts  1/2 teaspoon of  Royal Bee Jelly in her tea.  She swears  it helps her skin  glow as well as soothes her  arthritic knee.  Have you any experience with this product?  Its $140/ jar  and I don’t want  to waste   my money.

Answer:  I agree, our money is a terrible thing to waste.  Royal Bee Jelly is another  centuries old remedies that is still popular in Europe and Asia.  It is a cloudy white secretion from worker bees that is used to feed the Queen Bee.  Since Queen Bees are twice the size and live 40X longer than standard bees, there is  great interest in the potential benefits for humans.

Research on Royal Bee Jelly

Since the 1950’s there have been  a … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am tickled pink to be hosting Fashion Flash on Valentine’s Day!  Where once it was  a holiday for  lovers,  its now  day  to show  our friends and families how  much  we care about them.  I love especially  buying  red or pink cards and  presents for my grandchildren. This year the latest addition to my family is  one month old Zach Janay and I found a bib saying  “Its My First Valentines  Day.  I know I am totally geeky, but I can’t wait to post it on Facebook.

This week our bloggers  have  also been  inspired  by Valentines  Day.  There  are  great posts about our hearts,  perfume and make-up as well as  a wonderful history of the holiday:

We  all know that omega oils are good for our hearts. … Continue Reading…

Cooking for Health and Beauty

Cooking for health and beauty at TuscookanyAlthough I write about health and beauty I need to confess that I rarely manage to  eat those  5-7 daily servings of  fruits and vegetables.   I buy them, search for  low calorie recipes, cook them up– and then only   eat a bit or two.  They  just didn’t taste that appealing.   French recipes add too much  butter and cream,  while Asian recipes add lethal amounts of salt.  However  the Mediterranean style of eating  in Italy, Greece and Spain  is packed with healthy anti-aging ingredients.  In fact  the Mediterranean  diet is packed with  olive oil, fish and fresh fruits and vegetables.   I realized that I really needed to up my skills and learn to cook in  this … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Josephine of Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.  When ever I go to London or Paris I see  women of a certain age that look effortlessly chic. I would shamelessly stare at them trying to figure out   how they did  it.  Then I found Chic At Any Age  and  I started to learn  the secrets of tru international style.  Josephine splits her time between London and St Tropez  shares  style advice for every season and occasion.   I love her perfect casual looks for warm sunny day  and totally copy   her winter style for a concert.  Subscribe to her amazing  site  for the perfect look for any occasion.

Fashion Flash Book Review: The … <a href=Continue Reading…

Camomile– The All Purpose Health and Beauty Flower

Camomile uestion and answerQuestion:  Is camomile safe for my skin?   You have been writing some scary posts about  unsafe  beauty products.  Is camomile a better option?

Answer:  The  past  few months have been  troubling, but  in  the past  six  years and almost 800 posts , there have  been only  two posts  about real   health  problems with skin and hair care treatments.   That being said, camomile  is an amazing plant  with a  wide range of benefits. It is actually  one of the top five natural herbal remedies.   A daisy like plant, it has been shown to offer both internal and external benefits that  include relief from ulcers,  muscle spasm, colic, anxiety and eczema.

There are actually to types of camomile– German, is a wild species that is used … Continue Reading…