Camomile– The All Purpose Health and Beauty Flower

Camomile uestion and answerQuestion:  Is camomile safe for my skin?   You have been writing some scary posts about  unsafe  beauty products.  Is camomile a better option?

Answer:  The  past  few months have been  troubling, but  in  the past  six  years and almost 800 posts , there have  been only  two posts  about real   health  problems with skin and hair care treatments.   That being said, camomile  is an amazing plant  with a  wide range of benefits. It is actually  one of the top five natural herbal remedies.   A daisy like plant, it has been shown to offer both internal and external benefits that  include relief from ulcers,  muscle spasm, colic, anxiety and eczema.

There are actually to types of camomile– German, is a wild species that is used medically and Roman which  is usually ornamental. Camomile looks like  a little daisy, but is  overflowing with beneficial ingredients.  These include flavinoids that are powerful antioxients, anti-cancer agents and  bisabolol which  has wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.  In a cup  of  hot camomile tea, bisabolol soothes an upset stomach, while on the skin it reduces swelling and irritation.   Studies have shown that bisabolol is effective against  skin allergies, gout, and neuralgia. But wait there’s more.  Camomile  has also  shown to be  anti-viral, anti-bacterial  and is a wonderful natural moisturizer.

Your can find  dried camomile flowers for tea, camomile oil and  alcohol based camomile extracts.  It is  often used  in creams, lotions,cleansers, and serums.  I have sensitive skin and camomile is one of my favorite  beauty plants.  Commercial camomile products that I  enjoy  include Aveeno Body Wash with Camomile, Mario Bedescu Chamomile Cleaning Lotion and Clarins Alcohol-Free  Lotion Tonique.

DIY Camomile Beauty Products

This mighty flower  can also be the base  for some of  the easiest and most  successful   homemade  skin and hair care recipes.  One of my favorites is  a combo of  green tea and camomile.  The  green tea delivers anti-oxidants and the  camomile is  soothing and refreshing.

Camomile Toner for all Skin Types

Ingredients: camomile tea  bag, greeen tea bag, 1 teaspoon glycerin

Method: Steep both tea bags in a cup of freshly boiled water for 10 minutes.  Add one teaspoon of glycerin and transfer to a clean bottle, cover tightly and  store in refrigerator.  At night and in the morning  use a cotton ball to dab on the soothing, refreshing toner.  It does not have any preservatives  so need to keep refrigerated and  use up withing  two weeks.

Just a Word of Caution

Camomile is  remarkable flower– as  long as you d not  have  hay fever or are allergic to rag weed.  In  sensitive people it can cause irritation, swelling and stomach pains.  If you are new  to camomile, go slowly, especially is you tend to get spring allergies.  Camomile has aso not been approved during pregnancy and breast feeding.  If you are expectng, nursing  or working on adding to  your family, avoid all forms of camomile just to be safe.


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  1. Georgette Klinger Facial Salons used to integrate camomile steaming into their facials. It’s quite a soothing thing to do.

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