Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Josephine of Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.  When ever I go to London or Paris I see  women of a certain age that look effortlessly chic. I would shamelessly stare at them trying to figure out   how they did  it.  Then I found Chic At Any Age  and  I started to learn  the secrets of tru international style.  Josephine splits her time between London and St Tropez  shares  style advice for every season and occasion.   I love her perfect casual looks for warm sunny day  and totally copy   her winter style for a concert.  Subscribe to her amazing  site  for the perfect look for any occasion.

Fashion Flash Book Review: The Body BookFashion Flash Book Review:  Body Book by Cameron Diaz

I am not a big fan of celebrity health and beauty   books.  There is a legion of experts  who know  more about lifestyle issues than any random actress or model.  Either the books are  just a photo op  for  a famous face or offer quirky sometimes dangerous advice.  So  I waited until The Body Book by Cameron DIaz  was available in paperback.    A tall, naturally slim blonde beauty, I was not looking forward to another  book by a skinny person  who LOVES to exercise.  But when I  rather grumpily  sat  down to read  the book, I was  pleasantly surprised by the solid   yet very readable information that packed every page.

Written with noted  New York TImes writer Sandra Bark,  The Body  Book offers first class information about diet, exercise, nutrition and stress reduction.  There  is not a single photo of the gorgeous Diaz, another  ditzy diet  or yet another recipe for kale.  In clear friendly language,  the book  puts scientifi health  ideas into simple, friendly  language.  Its a genuinly hepful book that doesn’t  insult  women or try  to sell them  overpriced products they don’t  need.   Its clearly an introduction to other  books and  I look forward to her upcoming book on Longevity due out April 2016.

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