Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am tickled pink to be hosting Fashion Flash on Valentine’s Day!  Where once it was  a holiday for  lovers,  its now  day  to show  our friends and families how  much  we care about them.  I love especially  buying  red or pink cards and  presents for my grandchildren. This year the latest addition to my family is  one month old Zach Janay and I found a bib saying  “Its My First Valentines  Day.  I know I am totally geeky, but I can’t wait to post it on Facebook.

This week our bloggers  have  also been  inspired  by Valentines  Day.  There  are  great posts about our hearts,  perfume and make-up as well as  a wonderful history of the holiday:

  • We  all know that omega oils are good for our hearts.  Melanie of Society Wellness  gives us a rundown on other health benefits oils have that you  may not know about.
  • Inka of  Glamour Granny Travels discovers the origins of St Valentine.
  • Josephine of Chic At Any Age asks ” can we keep romance alive at any age?  French women know a trick or two.
  • Roses are the traditional flower of St Valentines Day and at  No-Nonsense Beauty Blog  we are looking at  the health and beauty benefits of this symbolic flower
  •  Red is the cover of love, but which shade is right for you?  Jackie of Aging Backwards  will help you decide.
  • Beth of Style At A Certain Age  admits  she is always sucker for pink as  she shares what  she wore with her  main squeeze of 32 years.
  • Mary Lou of Second Lives Club  want to remind us that Valentines  Day is not always about two lovers.  It can look very different in our  Second Lives  that is all about change.
  • Erika of Musings From My  Dressing Table explains  why you should  say yes to coconut oil.
  • Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabiai shares new research how  cardio dance may improve memory as it helps your heart.
  • Marcia of Beauty Info Zone  has  a new way  to life and tone  our  skin.

Barbara Hanna Grufferman is the proud spokesperson for a heart-warming campaign between Red Heart Yarns and the American Red Cross and is asking everyone to Have a Heart in February…and all year long! See how you can get involved, too.

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