Amethyst– February Birthstone That Works for Everyone

amethystThe amethyst, birthstone of February is often called the queen of quartz.  In shades that range from plae lavendar to deep purple, amethysts are flattering on virtually everyone.  Available in both smooth beads as well as faceted jewels, they look beautiful with silver as well as combined with pearls  and gold.  In the 1970’s purple was associated with spirituality and was worn with everything  from  short shorts to mid calf wool coats.  Amethysts are particularly versatile, capable of adding warmth to a grey gaberdine pants suit or a delicate color of flowered summer dress and is an unexpected vibrant companion to basic brown.

Amethyst Backstory

The name  amethyst  comes fromm  the Greek  meaning ” not intoxicated”– a belief that it prevents the wearer  from becomng drunk.  In collections of antiquities in London and FLorance you can find wine   goblets  made  of amethysts desiged  to keep the user sober. ( p.s. it doesn’t work).

Price of amethysts depends on the coloration– pale lavendar ( my fav) is the least expensive while deep purple has the highest price tag.  They are found in  many regions  but the best are mined in Sri Lanka and Siberia.

Amethysts were once regarded as precious as diamonds and rubies.  Then people found deposits  just about everywhere including the US, Siberia, Brazil, Persi and Africa.   While its status has now fallen to the level of semi precious stones as turquoise and garnets,  its still as beautiful.

Amethysts are one of those stones that  work at any age and  any coloring.  I love to wear silver and amethyst errings  with a grey pants suit, big silver cuff bracelet and a black suede bag.  In summer, I wear small pale lavendar earrings with a mid-calf  bone linen  shift, bone espadrilles and a bone crocheted  mini  bag.   Even if you were not born in Frbruary,  amethysts are  an affordable  accessorry that works  for a wide range  of  looks and occasions.

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