Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Mary Lou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion FLash.  Its  hard to think of a more timely site than Second Lives Club.  It is dedicated to showing  how  we can make the second  fifty years of  our lives  as exciting and meaningful as the first fifty.  In addition to hosting a must read  site, Mary Lou has reached out  to  similarly minded groups to find  new opportuities  for the baby boomer genertion.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Make Do and Mend

On the one hand there is Marie Kondo urging us to empty  of most of  what  we  own. and even store   our few books in closets.  On the other hand, magazines, catalogs, and sites like Refinery 29  or Who What Wear  pressure us to buy the latest “it” sneakers of the coat of the year.   Make Do and Mend, originally published in wartime London, is a small book with a big message.  Make  Do and Mend  expains how to care for, repair and repurpose the clothing in your closet. While it obviously reflects wartime shortages, the simple, practical advice is  a very welcome antidote to consumer excesses..

For example Make Do and Mend recommends sewing a litle tab to hang towels, folding rather than hanging knit clothing and brushing coats and jackets before  putting them away.    To lengthen the  lifetime of boots, always clean them at the end of the day.  Wash off the  dirt,  dry them throughly, and stuff with  newspapers to  maintain shape. My favorite tip is to  unpick old sweaters and use the wool to  knit blakets and scarves.  If you are skilled like Barbra Hannah Grufferman of Best of Everything After  50, try your hand at kniting a poncho or even a sweater.

Some of the tips are a touching reminder of wartime austerity.  Make Do and Mend has suggestions to make coupons go further and how to  preserve precious rubber items like  rain slickers and girdles.  It is a wonderful guide to real time recycling.


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