It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am especially happy to be  hosting Fashion Flash on Easter weekend.  Its a wonderful time of new beginnings  symbolized by budding flowers,  delicate vegetables and  gorgeous painted eggs.  Our bloggers  are bursting with  fashion, beauty and heath  ideas that are  infused with spring:

*Inka of Glamour Granny  Travels  discovers the origin of the Easter Bunny and Easter  eggs and  finds the world’s largest hand made chocolate egg.

*Josephine of Chic At Any Age  shows  how to  style a cream top  for a spring break in the English countryside.

*Spring is finally here and you can find signs of it everywhere– even on your  nails.Lisa from Beauty Info Zone shares some of the  new KBS Shimmer polishes that will have you loving this … Continue Reading…

CoQ10 for Heath and Beauty, Part I

Question and Answer logoQuestion:  There is  five foot shelf of CoQ10 products in  my vitamin store and I have also seen it on the label  of  moisturizers and serums.  What is it and should I being using  it?  And if yes, what  form should I buy?

Answer: This  seemingly  simple question has a complicated answer.   Let’s start  with the easy part.  CoQ 10 is similar to a vitamin and is a powerful antioxidant.  It is  made by the body and is essential for providing energy to the cells.  As with so  many self made substances,  the levels drop  both as we  age  and in health problems such as Alzheimer’s, diabetes, some cancers,  Parkinson’s disease  and heart disease.

The assocition between lower levels of CoQ10 and health issues  have led   to the study of the benefits of CoQ … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash Today

fashion flash logoThis week Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Flash!  Last year  when I looked at the line up of subjects  that we covered  on Fashion Flash I desperately wanted to add a travel guide  for women  over 40.  So  many excellent  travel sites   recommend best  places to hike rugged trails,  best  bars to  hook up  or how to  pack  in a back pack.  That  was  fun in my twenties, but  as time passed I wanted  a more elegant and thoughtful type of travel guide.  I was so happy to find  Glamour Granny Travels since I am a granny who loves to travel.  I am addicted to  this site.  Sometimes I read it  for vicarious travel experiences.  Other days, I use  it  as a travel … Continue Reading…

Fashion Flash– St Patrick’s Day Edition

fashion flash logoThis week Barbara Hannah Grufferman of the Best of Everything Afer 50  is hosting this special  St Patrick’s Day edition of Fashion Flash.  This week our bloggers are offering tips on the wearing of the green, using green eyeshadow or  naildesign and great recipes for green  food. After all on St Patrick’s Day  we  all are  a little bit Irish!

Barbara not only hosts her own  site, she is the  star of the AARP video series on better living after 50, editor at large for Glow  magazine and a spokesperson for the National Osteoporosis Foundation.   She is passionate about   finding the best  answers for everything from  the best  way to “plank” to the best shoes for women over 50 to   the best  recipes for … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting Fashion Flash.  I love  her real time approach to beauty and  value her judgement  on a wide range of products. And she has a wicked sense of humor that  never fails  to make  me burst out laughing.



Fashion FLash Book Review: One Hour Power DietFashion Flash Book Review:  One Hour Power Diet by Cliff Thomas, MD

There is  certainly  no shortage of diet  books, but One Hour Power Diet  has original and useful isights.  Written by a bariatric surgeon to help his patients to successfully lose  and mantain weight loss, it … Continue Reading…

Eyebrow Makeover– Tinting

For some reason the idea of eyebrow tinting  terrified me.  I’ve been lasered,  waxed, Botoxed and bleached but tinting seemed especially risky. ?????  But ever the science geek, I had to try it out. After checking out several salons, I choose  the Benefit Brow Bar.  I had watched them work and I was genuinely  impressed  by the careful and individual  approach  they took with every brow.

My  brow  whisperer Shante had beautiful brows   which gave me a great sense of confidence. I  discussed the celebrity brow expert who  had striped off my once thick brows.  A year later, they had not  returned to  their normal fullness.  Shante  reassured me that it can take 12-18 moths for an over- plucked brow  to recover. She primarily cleaned up stray hairs and flattened out the  too round arch.  Yea! She mixed  a small dab of vegetable dye in a tiny cup  and

Continue Reading…