Eyebrow Makeover– Tinting

Eyebrow Makeover

Brows before tinting

For some reason the idea of eyebrow tinting  terrified me.  I’ve been lasered,  waxed, Botoxed and bleached but tinting seemed especially risky. ?????  But ever the science geek, I had to try it out. After checking out several salons, I choose  the Benefit Brow Bar.  I had watched them work and I was genuinely  impressed  by the careful and individual  approach  they took with every brow.

My  brow  whisperer Shante had beautiful brows   which gave me a great sense of confidence. I  discussed the celebrity brow expert who  had striped off my once thick brows.  A year later, they had not  returned to  their normal fullness.  Shante  reassured me that it can take 12-18 moths for an over- plucked brow  to recover. She primarily cleaned up stray hairs and flattened out the  too round arch.  Yea! She mixed  a small dab of vegetable dye in a tiny cup  and

Eyebrow makeover

Brows painted with vegetable tint

brushed  it on my  brows.  No stinging, no  burning and she wiped it off in 3 minutes.

When I looked in the mirror, I felt my brows looked  thicker and stronger where there  was actually  some  brow hairs. But the brow on the right  still did  not have much of a tail.  It really looked  like half a brow.  I had read that tinting would color tiny pale hairs and make the brow  look more even.  It  really didn’t work that way for me on my  right  brow– but  the left  brow  was   just about perfect.  It is supposed to last about a month and I will certainly  try to go  darker  next time.

Eyebrow Makeover

My brows after shaping and tinting

Next Step in My Eyebrow Makeover

We’ve all heard of fake  eyelasehes where  single or small clumps of lashed are attached to the lash line.  Now there is a similar strategy  for eyebrows, that attach individual  brow hairs to the existing brow.   They last about two weeks and fall off with the natural shedding of eyebrow hairs.  As  Mulder said to Scully– “the truth is out there”.

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