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fashion flash logoThis week Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting Fashion Flash.  I love  her real time approach to beauty and  value her judgement  on a wide range of products. And she has a wicked sense of humor that  never fails  to make  me burst out laughing.



Fashion FLash Book Review: One Hour Power DietFashion Flash Book Review:  One Hour Power Diet by Cliff Thomas, MD

There is  certainly  no shortage of diet  books, but One Hour Power Diet  has original and useful isights.  Written by a bariatric surgeon to help his patients to successfully lose  and mantain weight loss, it provides fresh  tips and strategies for anyone trying to control their dress size.  For example, he tackles the  universal advice of “eat breakfast”.  Dr Thomas points out that   when we  hear  this advice, most people  visulaize  an entire meal at a local pancake palace. Instead  Dr T sees breakfast as  a few  walnuts or a handful of blueberries.  This  I can do.  The book  also tackles  food triggers  like   holiday eating, cultural habits and  aversion to throwig  out food.    It refinforces  that eating and weight gain is more than  just saying no to pizza and ice cream.

I was particularly interested on the advice to avoid drinking  liquids, even water, during meals because  it disrupts digestion.  Apparently fluids during meals washes   food out of the stomach too quickly.  And while he  recommends drinking water between meals, he  is not a fan of liquid  foods like smoothies. He believes that they pass too quickly thru the digestion for the nutrients to be absorbed.  Additionally, he  urges readers to avoid salt and take an iodine supplement.

I was  especially intrigued  with role of sleep in weight  management. Whiile  he  does believe that exercise  is helpful,  he is  more concerned with  healthy sleep patterns   for  weight control.  At first  I wanted the book to  offer  acceptable menus and recipes, but as I read on I realized that  it is our relationship with food that needs to be adjusted  before we  think about  meal plans.

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