Fashion Flash– St Patrick’s Day Edition

fashion flash logoThis week Barbara Hannah Grufferman of the Best of Everything Afer 50  is hosting this special  St Patrick’s Day edition of Fashion Flash.  This week our bloggers are offering tips on the wearing of the green, using green eyeshadow or  naildesign and great recipes for green  food. After all on St Patrick’s Day  we  all are  a little bit Irish!

Barbara not only hosts her own  site, she is the  star of the AARP video series on better living after 50, editor at large for Glow  magazine and a spokesperson for the National Osteoporosis Foundation.   She is passionate about   finding the best  answers for everything from  the best  way to “plank” to the best shoes for women over 50 to   the best  recipes for the insanly  healthy kale.  She is so motivating that   she is the only person who could  get me to eat  kale and  make exercise a  daily committment on my schedule. Her  first  book  The Best of Everything After 50  is on  just about   everyones  list of top health books and I am so excited that her new book  is comng soon. Subscribe to her site  so that you won’t miss  a single post.  It could be the one that  will change your llife.

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