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fashion flash logoThis week Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion Flash!  Last year  when I looked at the line up of subjects  that we covered  on Fashion Flash I desperately wanted to add a travel guide  for women  over 40.  So  many excellent  travel sites   recommend best  places to hike rugged trails,  best  bars to  hook up  or how to  pack  in a back pack.  That  was  fun in my twenties, but  as time passed I wanted  a more elegant and thoughtful type of travel guide.  I was so happy to find  Glamour Granny Travels since I am a granny who loves to travel.  I am addicted to  this site.  Sometimes I read it  for vicarious travel experiences.  Other days, I use  it  as a travel reference I can trust.  Subscribe to Glamour Granny Travels  so that you don’t  miss a single post.

Fashion FLash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Simply Glamorous by Gary Cockerill

I have to confess  I am a make-up book junkie. There is something  so seductive about the power  of foundation, lipstick, and  eye liner  to transform  But I can’t seem to master all but the simplest of application and I am always   looking for a book or video that will turn me into a make-up ninja.

Simply Gorgeous by make-up artist Gary Cockerill is a genuinely helpful guide to complex make-up appications.  This is a book that truely wants to give women the tools and techniques they can  use IRL. Although  Cockerill has a long celebrity  client list ( eg Rachel Hunter, Melanie Griffith and Jerry Hall) I love that  he uses real people with real faces for his demonstrations and transformations.

The book offers   both basic make-up information as well as face pattern designs.  While I doubt I would ever do “rocker chick” ( think female  Kiss) the fundamental info helped  me finally buy the right foundation and perfect nude listick.  I loved the instructions for simple  day and evening  looks.  The ten steps needed for the perfect nude   lip explained   why my lips never looked like the ads.   The steps  were time consuming at first, but after a few tries, I  was pro.

Finally, it was  such a pleasure to red a  beauty book that was not  merely an excuse to promote a line of products. At the very end of the book their were two pages of recommended  make-up products– and that  low key approach  made me trust the recommedations.

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