Meet Seaweed– Your Skin’s New BFF

seaweed for beautyI have to admit  that I was  disappointed to  learn that seaweed had limited  nutritional value as well as a troubling downside.  But I was then  thrilled to discover  that seaweed is a skin care superstar.  Different forms of sea plants  have  long been used in the manufacture of creams, lotions and balms to provide natural thickening  and emulsification ( eg  keeping oil and water together).  In the past  decade, peer reviewed published studies have shown that seaweed varieties can benefit  skin in four  much needed ways:

Seaweed for Super Hydration

Sea plants helps the skin hold moisture in two ways. The gel-like  properties of seaweed acts like a shield to prevent water evaporation from the  skin– sort of the way plastic wrap … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week  Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai is hosting Fashion Flash this week!  She is an awesomely   credentialed health/exercise expert  that  is passionate about helping all of us  be healthier and  live longer.  She is  now a certified health coach who  works with state agencies and corporations to help  the staff regain control of their weight and   health.  She now takes  on private clients via Skype so  you can  get the benefit  of her experience  anywhere you  live. Mirabai specializes in restoring  both men and women  to health and fitness, and knows how to deal with individul issues and restrictions.

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Seaweed for Health and Beauty

seaweedIs seaweed  really a superfood?  I certainly hoped   it was true.  Recently I had a bad flu that turned into  pneumonia.  As soon as I left the hospital, I started  to research super foods that could promote healing.  Seaweed was at the top of  almost  healthy food list and its powers seemed endless.  I found claims that seaweed could:

Cure cancer Prevent Alzheimer’s Lower blood pressure Reduce risk of stroke Detox the body Lower risk of breast cancer Clear the lungs Soothe a hangover Seaweed 101

There are more than three  main types  and 10,000 varieties of seaweed,  all with varying nutritional profiles.  Brown seaweed  like Kombu and Wakame are used in soups and stir fry dishes; red seaweed like nori is pressed into … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis  week Macia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion Flash! IMO she has  the best beauty giveaways on the web.   She selects only the best of the best and  and if you win these items can  double as amazing gifts for friends and family. Subscribe to  her site so that you don’t miss a single chance to enter the contests.

Fashion Flash blogger featured in Chico's campaignFashion FLash  Blogger In Chico’s  Campaign

I was so thrilled to  see our Beth Djalali, founder of Style At A  Certain Age featured in  the new Chico’s  catalog.  You can read  her philosophy of  both life … Continue Reading…

Can Rogaine Regrow My Eyebrows?

Rogaine for Eyebrow GrowthI am now ready to try my last  eyebrow option– FDA approved hair growing serums.  To date  I  have tried a celebrity eyebrow expert,  brow make-up ( gels, roll-ons and powders) and brow tints.   Next on my brow to-do list was brow enhancement.  Very much like  lash enhancements with individual hairs,  Build- A -Brow  adds individual hairs to the brows.   Its expensive and short lived, but  I felt  compelled to explore it.

At the Blink Bar at Saks Fifth Avenue full  brow enhancement costs $170 and lasts for two weeks.  Its something that  they recommend  for special occasions like weddings  and reunions. The first time  it is done, a patch test is required  24 hours before  the appointment.   Some people are … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting  Fashion Flash. I  was addicted to this cite long before CIndy joined Fashion Flash.  I get a sensory overload  when I go into an  Ulta or Sephora. Sometimes I even   know  what  I want  ( eg eyelid primer).  But the minute I step inside, the shelves become a  blur. But with Cindy only a few clicks away  on my tablet, I can find  recommendations  I trust  on  just about  every type of  bauty  product.  I especially  love her reviews of fragrances which help me make personal choices as well as gift options.  While there are  many beauty sites,  there are few that are aimed  at  women over 40– and IMO Prime Beauty  is  THE go- to beauty destination.

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Is Rosacea Treatment Different for Men?

Rosacea in men questionQuestion:   I am writing to  you about my husband.  He has rosacea and   so far  nothing seems to help.  Are there different  products for  helping men with rosacea?

Answer: April is Rosacea Awareness Month and the perfect time to answer this question.  Rosacea is  a common skin problem that affects  an estimated 16  million Americans. It causes  frequent  skin flushing, acne  like breakouts, skin thickening and  can even affect the eyes.  While there  are  a number  of theories out there,  we don’t really know the cause.  What we do  know is that people with rosacea  have an overactive immunue response to foods and the environment.  In response to  sunlight, spicy foods, alcohol and heat,  they over produce  natural antibiotics called cathlicidens.This  causes blood vessels  to expand … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Josephine of Chic  At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.  On a cold rainy day like  today, I am especially grateful for  this talented London based fashion blogger.  Open any magazine, style site   or catalog and you will invariably see people  enjoying warm sunny weather in great looking  clothing.  But IRL, its often wet and/or cold and   all you want to  wear is a warm  coat and boots. Josephine creates real style that acknowlwdges real weather.  For example, she styled  a dress and warm tights to enjoy a  concert in Wales.  Its  a formula  that I now copy frequently.

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