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fashion flash logoThis week Josephine of Chic  At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.  On a cold rainy day like  today, I am especially grateful for  this talented London based fashion blogger.  Open any magazine, style site   or catalog and you will invariably see people  enjoying warm sunny weather in great looking  clothing.  But IRL, its often wet and/or cold and   all you want to  wear is a warm  coat and boots. Josephine creates real style that acknowlwdges real weather.  For example, she styled  a dress and warm tights to enjoy a  concert in Wales.  Its  a formula  that I now copy frequently.

Fashion FLash Book Review-- Confessions of a Beauty EditorFashion Flash Book Review:  Confessions of  A Beauty Editor by Linda Wells

I know what you are thinking– oh great, just  what I need– another book on make-up. That’s  what I thought too, until I started to read  one genuinely helpful tip after another.  Wells has drilled down to  provide enough  details to become  your own make-up expert.  Her easy to  follow 5 steps to apply  fake lashes  answered all my questions at once.  For example I learned  what is the best length, why clumps of lashes are better than a single strip and always apply liner before attaching lashes.  And it works!

Wells  also  has  a page  of 10 commandments  for  many real life beauty needs.  For example,  in the section on eye make-up I learned that  all brows need help with a little powder, wiggle the mascars brush to get  to the bases of lashes  and shadow should  go on before mascara.   I also valued the simple steps she offers to help a natural lip color  last for an evening.  Its easy and really works.  Her 10 commandments on nails  suggest that either you choose light and natural colors or dark and vampy ones.  Anything  in between looks frumpy at any age.

Confessions of a Beauty Editor is such a helpful guide that I ordered a second copy.  I combined it with  a few  beauty basics ( polish, mascara and a brown shadow)  for a very personal birthday gift for a BFF.


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