It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting  Fashion Flash. I  was addicted to this cite long before CIndy joined Fashion Flash.  I get a sensory overload  when I go into an  Ulta or Sephora. Sometimes I even   know  what  I want  ( eg eyelid primer).  But the minute I step inside, the shelves become a  blur. But with Cindy only a few clicks away  on my tablet, I can find  recommendations  I trust  on  just about  every type of  bauty  product.  I especially  love her reviews of fragrances which help me make personal choices as well as gift options.  While there are  many beauty sites,  there are few that are aimed  at  women over 40– and IMO Prime Beauty  is  THE go- to beauty destination.

Fashion Flash Movie Review: High StrungFashion Flash Movie Review: High Strung

This  week, the   incredible  dance movie, High Strung opens  in theaters in the US.  One of my  all time  favorite people,  Joami Tyler who  co-founded  Fabulous Over 40,  is one of the producers on the film. She also served as costume designer  and her sure fashion sense  which I had enjoyed on her website, was in full force throughout the film.  I am always excited to read a book or see a  movie made by a friend, but I am especially thrilled  when  their  work  is as wonderful as High Strung.  It is a totally  amazing blend of ballet, classical  music, hiphop and  romance that  you  will  remember long after the closing credits roll.  The stars  are gorgeous and incredibly talented while the  dancing  will have you wanting to get up and join in. Jo-Jami had invited me to a sceening  of High Strung earlier this year.  At  one point I looked around the theater to check out audience reaction.  I could see that the rest of the room  was as caught up in the  dance and music as I was. Keep an eye out for the   High Strung  bus that   will be touring the country.

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