Can Rogaine Regrow My Eyebrows?

Rogaine for Eyebrow GrowthI am now ready to try my last  eyebrow option– FDA approved hair growing serums.  To date  I  have tried a celebrity eyebrow expert,  brow make-up ( gels, roll-ons and powders) and brow tints.   Next on my brow to-do list was brow enhancement.  Very much like  lash enhancements with individual hairs,  Build- A -Brow  adds individual hairs to the brows.   Its expensive and short lived, but  I felt  compelled to explore it.

At the Blink Bar at Saks Fifth Avenue full  brow enhancement costs $170 and lasts for two weeks.  Its something that  they recommend  for special occasions like weddings  and reunions. The first time  it is done, a patch test is required  24 hours before  the appointment.   Some people are sensitive  to the glue used to attach the hairs to the brows, and nobody wants  an allergic reaction  near the eyes.  Once  you have passed the patch test, hair filaments are attached to existing brow hairs.  If you have hairless areas, especially if you have lost the “tail” of the brow, this technique  is not  for  you. Brow enhancement  can widen existing browsbrows to make them look fuller, but will not help my brow  bald spots. Adding this to  potential allergy and  limited results  made Build A Brow  not a good option for me.

Eyebrow Rescue with Rogaine

My last remaining  option is  the use of  Rogaine, the FDA approved hair growth serum.  Once  available only by prescription, it is now available  at drugstore shelves at  less than $30 for a three month supply.   I will be using  male strength (4%) Rogaine twice a day on  my brows and will post monthly before and after photos.  Rogaine is in the form of a  foam and I will apply it with a cotton swab to avoid getting it on other areas of my face.  The last thing I need  is to sprout random facial hair.   In the morning I will spread it on my brows after applying other make-up.  At night I will apply it at least two hours before bedtime to avoid  transfer to my pillow and then to my face. It will take  up to three months to see  real results.  Let the growing season begin.


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