It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis  week Macia of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion Flash! IMO she has  the best beauty giveaways on the web.   She selects only the best of the best and  and if you win these items can  double as amazing gifts for friends and family. Subscribe to  her site so that you don’t miss a single chance to enter the contests.

Fashion Flash blogger featured in Chico's campaignFashion FLash  Blogger In Chico’s  Campaign

I was so thrilled to  see our Beth Djalali, founder of Style At A  Certain Age featured in  the new Chico’s  catalog.  You can read  her philosophy of  both life and fashion in an interview  and photo shoot she did for Chico’s.Beth has always been one of those women who look great anytime and anywhere.  Friends, co-workers and even strangers would comment on  her  color toich, classic  elegance. Two yeaas ago she decided to take photos of her daily utfits–  and I eternally glad  she did.  What makes  Beth special is the range of occasions  that she covers.  She totally nails everyday style — and her photoof a grey turtleneck and matching poncho is one of the most  popular fashion photos on Pinterest.

Beth also offers  perfect styles for lunch with friends, walking  the dog, dinner out with her husband,  and professional style for meeting clients. These are real life activities for”women of a certain age”.  Many fashion blogs, meant for a younger audience  are full of crop tops for clubbing, tiny  bikinis for singles vacations, and anything that Kylie Jenner wore that week.  Not only  are these styles not flattering to an over 50 body, they don’t reflect where we go and  what we do.

One of the reasons I am addicted to Style At A Certain Age is the wide variety of clothing she  styles into interchangable outfits. She mixes jackets, sweaters, boots, colorful flats, both big and small bags for fresh  inviting looks for every situation. She allows me to ” shop my closet” to come up with new ways to wear what I already own and what I need to  buy to complete the  perfect  look.  To hear  moreabout her fashion philosophy  slick on the Youtube video she did with Chico’s.

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