CoQ10, Part 2– Amazing Skin Benefits

CoQ10 questionQuestion:   Can CoQ10 really help my skin or is it just  another  inflated promise?

Answer: CoQ10 is a vitamin like nutrient that is naturally found in the body. With  strong antioxidant  and anti-inflammatory powers,  its sad but  true that  its levels drop with age and illness.  To promote health and healing there  is a great interest in using it as an oral supplement. It  is equally intirguing in skin care.

CoQ10 and Your Skin

This mighty  substance is on the short list  of ingredients tht can actually be absorbed into the skin.  Studies have show that it  is  a sunscreen on steroids.  Unlike tradtional sun protection chemicals, it does not absorb UV rays but acts as a cellular shield to actually boost the value of  a sunscreen. But wait, there … Continue Reading…