Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week  Inka of Glamour Granny Travels is hosting Fashion FLash.  Thoughout my life  I have always looked for  interesting strong women  for a role models for the changing roles all women face as time passes..  After 60, it was hard to find women  who showed me  how it was done.  When I first clicked on Glamour Granny Travels, I found  a soulmate.  Here was a beautiful elegant woman who  left her career as an attorney to follow her interests as a travel writer and photographer– while still a loving grandmother.  It doesnt get better than that.

Fashion Flash on Memorial DayFashion Flash on  Memorial Day

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Its Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  This is a site that covers it all.   It offers beauty,  nutrition,  health and especially exercise and fitness advice– all  keyed to looking and feeling  ageless.  I love this concept  and  I have learned to trust  Jackie’s advice.  She  does extensive research and  has a wide network of experts for genuinely helpful advice. For example  her advice on  vitamin B12  virtually changed my life.  I had a muli vitamin  that  had vitamin D and could not understand  why by vitamin D numbers were so low.  Jackie insisted that I try a tiny B12 pill that dissolved in my mouth.  The difference  amazed me and my doctors.  Yes, Jackie  is that smart.

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Epsom Salts– Great Old Treatment or Just Old?

Epsom salts bathQuestion:  My  Dad  worked in construction and after an especially hard day he would dump some epsom salts in a hot tub nd soak until dinner.  He claimed it took the “kinks” out of his  joints.  My mom used  an epsom salt soak  to help remove splinters and relieve  sore feet after a day in heels.  Do epsom salts really work  or is this another  old wives tale?

Answer:  Epsom salts have been a home remedy for centuries.  Chemically it is a mix magnesium and sulfates and named after Epsom in  England where it was first made by boiling  down mineral water. My family were also big fans of epsom salts for sore feet and splinter  removal.  But  despite centuries of use,  finding published studies on the benefits of … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week, Marylou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash!  The idea of what to do with the second  50 years of  our lives  is a new concept.  In past decades   we were someone expected to buy shapeless housecoats or learn to play  golf.  That was then and this is now.  Each day women are reinventing their lives after years of  childcare and homemaking that consumed our days. They are  finally able to explore old interests and discovere new talents.  Second Lives Club profiles  women who have found have made this journey and  show us how its done.

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Rogaine Trials– Month 1

Rogaine treated eyebrow Before starting on Rogaine treatment for my aging eyebrows I wanted to understand how it works.  For that I needed to understnd how healthy hair grows  and what is causing my brows to thin out. Hair grows in four stages:

 The growth phase—  aka   the anagen phase is a period of healthy growth can  last for  2-6 years. If you  pull out a growing  hair by the root,  it can take  years for  it to grow out. . The transition phase — aka the catagen phase  lasts for 10 days to three weeks.  At this point  the  hair is still alive but no longer growing. The resting phase — aka the telegen phase lasts 2-3 months and well,  rests. The natural end— aka the exogen … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am so excited to be hosting Fashion Flash on Mother’s Day weekend. So  many of us first learned about beauty care from our  moms.  In my family  my mother and  aunt   would help each other touch up their blonde hair with a toothbrush and a home brew of peroxide.  They  were  heavily influenced  by the  hair styles of the 1940’s and practically worshipped Helena Rubinstein. Mom never  left the house without a spray of perfume and a dab of powder on  her nose. Even at age 90, she would convince  her friends to  put on make-up  and  celebrate New Year’s Eve with her. I would love to hear what your  mom taught you about beauty and fashion.

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Can Baby Powder Cause Cancer?

Baby PowderFor generations, Johnson& Johnson baby powder has been a symbol of    healthy baby care. But this week a second jury decided that Johnson and Johnson  failed to warn a woman of the increased risks of ovarian cancer from their baby powder– and awarded  her $52 million in damages. .   But  does  baby powder pose a real  health hazard?   Its not a simple yes and no answer.


Baby Powder 101

Most brands of baby powder  are made from talc. This natural mineral contains magnesium, oxygen, silicates, and asbestos. We use the powder between our  thighs to reduce chafing and on sanitary napkins, and diaphragms.  Doctors believe that microscopic particles of talc  are able to travel up the reproductive tract and become embedded in the ovries. … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday

fashion flash logoI am so delighted that  Beth of Style At A  Certain Age is hosting Fashion Flash this week. She is a new stype of fashion icon — a real women with a real life.  She works,  she goes out with her husband, has  lunch with  friends and traels  for both business and pleasure.  And she does it with great  style for every occasion.  You have to check out  how she uses  colorful and  wearable shoes to take   jeans and sweater to another level.

Fashion Flash Seaweed Update:

Last week  I uploaded a post about the value of seaweed in skin care. Its  fast becoming  one of my favorite skin care ingredient,but I did not mention  potential problems for certain skin types.  Seaweed is  high … Continue Reading…