It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am so excited to be hosting Fashion Flash on Mother’s Day weekend. So  many of us first learned about beauty care from our  moms.  In my family  my mother and  aunt   would help each other touch up their blonde hair with a toothbrush and a home brew of peroxide.  They  were  heavily influenced  by the  hair styles of the 1940’s and practically worshipped Helena Rubinstein. Mom never  left the house without a spray of perfume and a dab of powder on  her nose. Even at age 90, she would convince  her friends to  put on make-up  and  celebrate New Year’s Eve with her. I would love to hear what your  mom taught you about beauty and fashion.

This week   our Fashion Flash bloggers  are enjoying the return of  blue skies and warmer weather:

*Inka of Glamour Granny Travels uncovers the origins of Mother’s Day.

*Does low bone  mass mean you have osteoporosis? Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai  gives you the answer

*Picnic season is about to begin! Melanie of Society Wellness has a delicious alternative to chicken or tuna salad– a vegan tempah salad.  Since it is dairy free and the  main ingredients  are  already fermented it is a sensible alternative  to a creamy dairy based salad.

*Josephine of Chic At Any Age  shows us how to adapt to the new wide trousers shape.

*Marcia of Beauty Info Zone is concerned with our aging skin. For some reason we aren’t getting any younger!  To win  the battle with aging   read a  great  guest post from Skincare by Alana and  enter an awesome giveaway.  Over 40’s,  you really want this!

*Cindy of Prime Beauty is getting her fruits and vegetables in the form of  the new Two Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection.  Its peachy keen!

*Beth of Style At A Certain Age firmly believes that a special occasion deserves  a special  dress.  Why not try polka dos for the win?

*May is National Osteoporosis Month and Barbara of Best of Everything After 50, Bone Health Ambassador,  wants to kick off the celebration by sharing  her best tips for keeping bones strong at every age.

*MaryLou of Second Lives Club introduces  Grace Becker who gives new meaning to a “baker’s dozen”. She’s a baker with a dozen kids and a MOMpreneur too!

*Erika from Notes From My Dressing Table tells you how and why its important to protect the delicate undereye area.

Fashion Flash Blogger-- Chic At Any AgeI am so thrilled that Chic  At Any Age is part of the Fashion Flash community   Not only does  she hae flawless  taste  for women over  50, she  is the best  weather sensitive style on the web.  In good weather, I can figure out  what to wear for most occasions.  But once it starts to rain or turn  cold, and I am lost.  But with Chic at any Age, I know how to wear a dress in winter and a stay stylish in the rain.  Recently  her site had technical difficulties and I want to be certain to know that she is back up and gorgeous!

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