Rogaine Trials– Month 1

Rogaine treated eyebrow Before starting on Rogaine treatment for my aging eyebrows I wanted to understand how it works.  For that I needed to understnd how healthy hair grows  and what is causing my brows to thin out. Hair grows in four stages:

  1.  The growth phase—  aka   the anagen phase is a period of healthy growth can  last for  2-6 years. If you  pull out a growing  hair by the root,  it can take  years for  it to grow out.
  2. . The transition phase — aka the catagen phase  lasts for 10 days to three weeks.  At this point  the  hair is still alive but no longer growing.
  3. The resting phase — aka the telegen phase lasts 2-3 months and well,  rests.
  4. The natural end— aka the exogen phase where  the hair falls out naturally  and the  new hair starts growing out.

Interupting the Hair  Growth Process

If  the hair  falls out at  any point except the  exogen phase,  there is a  significant delay in replacing this  hair.  If  you  pluck out a hair in the growth phase, it can take  2-3 years for a new hair to pop up again.  On your head   a dozen hairs  will hardly make a difference.  On an eyebrow,  an untimely  plucking  of a dozen hairs  can lead to years of  thin, short brows. Rather than using a tweezer to shape the brows, brush up the brows and cut off long unruly hairs.  This will leave the bulk of the hair to shape the brow. Reserve the tweezer  for the  fine  hairs  way below the brow line. Keep in mind that waxing pulls  out many hairs  in every stage of growth.  Over time   agressive waxing and plucking can permenently  shut down follicles. 🙁

As  time passes hormones decline and  our hair follicles start  producing thinner and  finer hairs– and the body may stop producing  hairs entirely.  Rogaine expands the blood vessels  and allows more oxygen and nutrients into the follicles  which encourages  renewed activity. Sounds  good. It is not believed to affect hormone levels, but approaches hair loss from a different direction.

Adding Rogaine to My Beauty Routinue

Rogaine is applied twice a day to the brows.  After washing my face, I use a cotton swab to apply a dab of Rogaine foam on the areas where  the brows are  thin. This means right under the existing brow area and  along the entire “tail”  that is barely hanging in there. During this time I vow not wax or shape my brows.  I will  pluckout  stray hairs below  the brow, but nothing on the brow proper.



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