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fashion flash logoThis week, Marylou of Second Lives Club is hosting Fashion Flash!  The idea of what to do with the second  50 years of  our lives  is a new concept.  In past decades   we were someone expected to buy shapeless housecoats or learn to play  golf.  That was then and this is now.  Each day women are reinventing their lives after years of  childcare and homemaking that consumed our days. They are  finally able to explore old interests and discovere new talents.  Second Lives Club profiles  women who have found have made this journey and  show us how its done.

Fashion Flash Book eviewFashion Flash Book Review:  Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup, MD

I was not prepared to like this book as much as I do.  I tend to deal in facts and figures– and phrases like  Alpha Goddess, Divine Love and lower chakra,usually makes me cringe. But Goddesses  Never Age offer genuinely helpful tools to florish after 50.

The Enemy is Negativity 

One of the most important themes in Goddesses Never Age is controlling the negative narrative   we tend to adopt as we get older.  Author Northrup calls this the “Age Cage”– when we don’t do what we want because we feel we are too old.   Just reading this phrase turned on a light blub in my head.   I had been wanting to write a screenplay but who ever heard of a first time 60 year old screenwriter?  I actually folded  down the page  to keep my place and went right to my tablet and ordered Final Draft, a screen writing program.  This book is that motivating!

I also valued her attention to the toxic efect of personal and nutritional stress on healthy aging.  She goes into great   depth into the widespead  problems it causes in the body– and offers a buffet of tools to offset stress. She offers so  many options there is something that will  work for everyone.  For example, if DevineSpirit meditation is  just not you, Northrup suggests finding strong role models– and this is something that works for me.  Northups can do spirit infuses every page.  As Northup says “life is short  so wear your party pants every day”.

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