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fashion flash logoThis week Jackie of Aging Backwards is hosting Fashion Flash.  This is a site that covers it all.   It offers beauty,  nutrition,  health and especially exercise and fitness advice– all  keyed to looking and feeling  ageless.  I love this concept  and  I have learned to trust  Jackie’s advice.  She  does extensive research and  has a wide network of experts for genuinely helpful advice. For example  her advice on  vitamin B12  virtually changed my life.  I had a muli vitamin  that  had vitamin D and could not understand  why by vitamin D numbers were so low.  Jackie insisted that I try a tiny B12 pill that dissolved in my mouth.  The difference  amazed me and my doctors.  Yes, Jackie  is that smart.

Fashion Flash Book Review; THe Art of Dressing CurvesFashion Flash Book Review–The Art of Dressing  Curves by Susan  Moses

IMO The Art of Dressing Curves is the best style book I have read in  years.  It drills down to provide  genuine and always helpful real life style.  Although I wear  size 8-10, clothes shopping for me  has always been stressful and discouraging. I could go through rack after rack in store after store– only to go home empty handed. I thought it  was because  I was petite  at 5’3 and had a few curves. The Art of Dressing Curves, while aimed primarily at plus size figures, is actually a total guide of style advice for any women  who eats more than yogurt and lemon water for lunch. Her chapter on foundation and body shaping is alone worth the price of the book.  Every year I make yet another stab understanding  shapers and  give up, sweaty ad gasping for air.  Author Susan Moses breaks down shapewear into 11 basic types, explainng what each does and what it offers your individual body type. With her book in hand I  recently marched into Bloomingdales and knew what I needed– and left with  the first body shaper I ever loved.

The Art of Dressing Curves divides real life bodies into what Moses  calls Body Typology, five basic shapes eg Triangle, Hour Glass, and Oval.  Other stylists use similar categories, but this is the first book   to show it applies to women with curves. Turns out I am an Oval and I carry my weight  up front in my belly.  It is also one of the hardest shapes to fit and  it explains  why shopping for me seems like a blood sport.   For example, a single sentance   on bathing suit advice ” look for ruching across the middle”  changed forever my relationship with swimwear.   In the past I would try on  dozens   and leave a dressing room depressed and discouraged.   Now that I know what to look for, I  am able to oder  bathing  suits online. Seriously!

To bottomline it, if you are larger than size 6 this book will  give you self confident style while saving you time and monry.# plusizestyle,#susanmoses


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