It’s Fashion Flash Monday

fashion flash logoThis  week  Marica of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is  one of my ery  top go to  beauty gurus.  She is totally committed to scoping out the benefits of every  product and  I have learned to just  her recommendations.  SHe is also of  our generation and understands   the  challenges  we face picking the right cleanser,  moisturizer and make-up of every sort. Its advice you can trust.


Fashion Flash on money and healthFashion Flash on Health and Money

I have pretty much stopped  buying  magazines. One  month they  offer five new hairstyles and three new meatloaf recipes.  The next month … Continue Reading…

Are There Any New Treatments for Acne?

Rosacea in men questionQuestion: I’ve tried   everything you recommended, even downloaded your acne guide and I still get  breakouts . FYI  I’m 33  and too old for this.  Have you  any new ideas?

Answer:   June is Acne Awareness Month and the perfect time to answer this question.   It does seem totally unfair that at an age when you don’t have  to do homework or worry about  a prom date—you still have problems with teenage style breakouts.  But there  is good news– there are several new tools  for your anti-acne tool box. New York acne guru Dr Gary Goldenberg reports a great success with  light therapy,using  blue LED lights to kill bacteria in the pores  that provoke breakouts.  This acts much like Benzoyl Peroxide but without the dryness and irritation. … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am so delighted to be hosting Fashion Flash on  a beautiful summer day.   All of the great  bloggers  in Fashion Flash  can’t help but be influenced by the blue skies and warm weather of the season:

*Barbara of Best of Everything After 50 and AARP contributor thinks that ayone who loves good food should have this gadget in their homes.  Does your man  love a good steak or heart healthy salmon?  Are you looking for ways to prepare your favorite dishes so that they are more flavorful and delicious? Check it out…

*Melanie of Society Wellness wants you to upgrade  your sloppy joes this summer by making  the seasoning from scratch and using tempeh instead of ground beef. ( I’ve tried  this recipe … Continue Reading…

Regrowing My Brows with Rogaine

I started using  Rogaine about a month ago to thicken and lengthen my aging eyebrows.  It had been a slow start.  Current guidelines recommend using Rogaine twice a day.  This  meant  applying Rogaine foam with a Q- tipa fter  my morning shower and  before I go to sleep at night.. Sounds  simple, but it meant adding two more steps to my standard morning and nighttime routine. At first  I applied the foam to the skinny “tail” areas.

I have to admit  that in the first few weeks I usually mised one of the two  daily applictions. Although I am pretty  motivated to try out new  beauty tools, I  also knew that it would be 1-2 months  before I would see any results. I love the instant results of a mask or peel and this was very different. After  a rocky two week start, I finally got into a steady routinue. … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week, Melanie of Society Wellness is hosting Fashion Flash. IMO  Society Wellness has the  tastiest  healthy recipes on the web. I have recently become obcessed with smoothies and Society Wellness  has  amazing options.  Not only are they delicious, they  show to include super nutrients like whey protein, cholorella and matcha.  The cool sweetness of  smoothies  seems to  satisfy  my sugar  cravings   while the Society Wellness recipes  turn them into a nutrient delivery system.  A true  win win.

Fahion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Becoming Grandma by Leslie Stahl

Leslie Stahl was always a kind of role model for me. Smart, successful, … Continue Reading…

The Beauty of Magnesium

MagnesiumLast month investigated   Epsom Salts and  discovered that these magnesium salts  may have true healing power.  My  research  also raised  questions  about  the  benefits of magnesium in general. I discovered it was quite a mineral. It  is essential for  more than 300 separate activities in the body.  Seriously. Its involved protein synthesis, irregular heart  rhythm, muscle and nerve function and blood sugar control– just to name a few.

While its clear that it   is  hugely  important to  health, its  actually hard to  measure  the levels  of this mineral in the body.  The published guidelines of   The  Food and Nutrition Board  state that adult women  require 325 mg/day while men need a  bit more, 400mg/day. Lack of magnesium  can cause abnormal heart rates, cramps  and … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting Fashion Flash! I love  this site because it takes me out of my comfort zone.  Thanks to Erika, I’ve worn glitter nail polish, tried a temporary blue stripe to my hair and  added a dark red lipstick to my make-up tool kit.  I love her spirit  and sass and  so will you.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Fash Book Review:  7 Years Later by the editors of Good Houskeeping

My bookshelves are packed  with separate titles on diet, skin care, make-up, exercise and anti-aging.  When I saw a book that covers  all these topics … Continue Reading…

Salicylic Acid for Beautiful Skin At Any Age

Salicylic Acid for AcneJune is National Acne Awareness Month and the perfect time  to get up  close and personal with salicylic acid.  One of the first and still  highly  effective   tools in the anti-acne tool box, it  is closely related to the  aspirin  we take  for  pain and fever.  Salicylic acid  is found primarily  in the bark of the  willow tree,and wintergreen leaves.   If you  see  willowbark extract  on a label of a skin care product , the active ingredient  here is salicylic acid.  Salicylic acid  is also known as Beta Hydroxy  acid, and is often compared to its more famous cousin, glycolic acid.

Salicylic Acid—Your Skin’s BFF

Salicylic Acid  has three valuable  properties for the skin:

Even in low concentrations, it  dissolves the   dry,dead cells on the skin surface, … Continue Reading…