It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Erika of Notes From My Dressing Table is hosting Fashion Flash! I love  this site because it takes me out of my comfort zone.  Thanks to Erika, I’ve worn glitter nail polish, tried a temporary blue stripe to my hair and  added a dark red lipstick to my make-up tool kit.  I love her spirit  and sass and  so will you.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Fash Book Review:  7 Years Later by the editors of Good Houskeeping

My bookshelves are packed  with separate titles on diet, skin care, make-up, exercise and anti-aging.  When I saw a book that covers  all these topics ad ties them all together, I was hooked. 7 Years Younger covers it all– and then some.  The ten informtion packed chapters include skin care, make-up, hair,  nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, recipes and structured fitness plans to follow. While the section on skin care  and mental fitness had  nothing really new, it offered accurate solid, accurate basics.  I totally agree with most of the  excellent product recommendations.  Good Housekeeping Instutute has  a panel of consumers who test  products and offer their evaluations.  But where the book really  shines are the sections that deal with diet,meal plans and recipes.

I have often admitted that I struggle to get those 5-7 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. The daily meus shows in this  book  how it can be done– and yet stay within limited calories. It offers tasty, low calorie yet nutrition packed recipes and even modifies them if you need just a single serving.  I’ve never seen that before and its a great tool  for singles or mom’s who want to  serve individual portions. This  handy book also contains lists  of healthy foods to keep on hand including the best frozen meals for last minute meals.I actually photocopied the list   for my next trip to the spermrket.

I do  have a few quibbles with the book.  The book  featured women who followed the seven week anti-aging program were actually in their early 40’s. It was  more than a little odd to be concerned with aging  when most of the women had yet to experience  any  age related  hormonal changes. Even odder was the repeated references to age related problems like Alzheimer’s, memory loss, loneliness and osteoporosis, issues facing women  in their 50’s and 60’s.  I am betting that it was a marketing decision to position the book to younger women than the content would suggest.  It seems that the only products which brands seem to pitch to women over 50 are canes and incontinence panties.  Baby boomers control more than half of the  money  in the US. Note to  brand managers– you’re leaving alot of money on the table.

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