The Beauty of Magnesium

MagnesiumLast month investigated   Epsom Salts and  discovered that these magnesium salts  may have true healing power.  My  research  also raised  questions  about  the  benefits of magnesium in general. I discovered it was quite a mineral. It  is essential for  more than 300 separate activities in the body.  Seriously. Its involved protein synthesis, irregular heart  rhythm, muscle and nerve function and blood sugar control– just to name a few.

While its clear that it   is  hugely  important to  health, its  actually hard to  measure  the levels  of this mineral in the body.  The published guidelines of   The  Food and Nutrition Board  state that adult women  require 325 mg/day while men need a  bit more, 400mg/day. Lack of magnesium  can cause abnormal heart rates, cramps  and even seizures.  The good news is that it  is widely available in leafy greens,  whole grains and nuts. For example  one ounce of almonds  has  80mg of magnesium, while  brown rice clocks in at 40 mg of  this  important nutrient. If you eat a well balanced diet with 2-3 daily servings of  vegetables and whole grains you will easily hit the magnesium sweet spot.  But its not always easy. If you follow a low fat / low carb diet or if you  avoid gluten,  it might  be hard  to meet  RDA forthis critical nutrient. In addition,  people with diabetes, digestive  problems or struggle with  alcohol can have a need  for increased levels.

What you Need to Know About Magnesium Supplements

Because its not always easy  to meet the RDA, supplements  can fill the gap. But  while you can find shelves of options in the health  food or drugstore,  not all  options are equal   Your body  seems to absorb magnesium best when its dissolved in liquid.  Rather than  a simple capsule,  purchase this  mineral in a dissolvable powder ( eg Calm Zone Magnesium from the Vitamin Shoppe). Mix  one to two  teaspoons mixed into half a cup of water, toss in a few icecubes and it tastes like Kool Aid.  Mix the   solution into  ice tea and it tastes much like an Arnold  Palmer.

But don’t get carried away.  If a little is good,  more is definately not better. Keep in mind that  magnesium is a powerful laxative.  Don’t exceed the RDA of 325mg  and  you will get  all the benefits without  unwanted problems.

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