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fashion flash logoThis week, Melanie of Society Wellness is hosting Fashion Flash. IMO  Society Wellness has the  tastiest  healthy recipes on the web. I have recently become obcessed with smoothies and Society Wellness  has  amazing options.  Not only are they delicious, they  show to include super nutrients like whey protein, cholorella and matcha.  The cool sweetness of  smoothies  seems to  satisfy  my sugar  cravings   while the Society Wellness recipes  turn them into a nutrient delivery system.  A true  win win.

Fahion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Becoming Grandma by Leslie Stahl

Leslie Stahl was always a kind of role model for me. Smart, successful, beautiful and married to  the hottest writer in nyc ( he wrote Urban Cowboy), she was living, breathing proof that sometimes you can have it all.  Now, like me, she is a grandma  and her insights and feelings are timely and relevant.

From the moment I met my first lnfant grandson, the focus of my  life has shifted  from  work and hobbies, to the now four  little ones  who call me Grandma Debbie.  A White House correspondent and long time fixture on Sixty Minutes, Stahl  too finds  total joy  in being a grandparent.   When she described the ‘jolt”  of joy she experienced holding her first granddaughter, I totally  knew what  she  meant. To back her own observations, she interviewed  social scientists and doctors,  grandmas who were also famous ( eg Whoppi Goldberg and Diane Sawyer) as well  the “grandmas next door”.  She discovered   the genuine  physical and emotional benefits that  grandchildren trigger and the therapeutic value that  grandparents and grandchildren have on each other.

Becoming Grandma  does not back away from conficts between adult children and their parents.  She also shares the challenges of  caring for  aging parents at the same  time trying  to help   her daughter  manage her own career and babies while helping her husband deal  with  Parkinson’s Disease.  Most celebrity lifestyle books  gloss over  reality, and it is so refreshing  to  get genuine insight from a famous couple.

Becoming Grandma is probably the first empowering bookfor grandmahood.  It is a wonderful gift for  new grandmas  who are  just beginning to navigate this brave new world.  Its also a great book  for  grandmas to buy  for themselves to validate their  worth and mindset.  As Steve Leber founder of  has said ”  God gave us grandchildren to  make up for  aging”.


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