Regrowing My Brows with Rogaine

Rogaine and brows

various shapes of eyebrows

I started using  Rogaine about a month ago to thicken and lengthen my aging eyebrows.  It had been a slow start.  Current guidelines recommend using Rogaine twice a day.  This  meant  applying Rogaine foam with a Q- tipa fter  my morning shower and  before I go to sleep at night.. Sounds  simple, but it meant adding two more steps to my standard morning and nighttime routine. At first  I applied the foam to the skinny “tail” areas.

I have to admit  that in the first few weeks I usually mised one of the two  daily applictions. Although I am pretty  motivated to try out new  beauty tools, I  also knew that it would be 1-2 months  before I would see any results. I love the instant results of a mask or peel and this was very different. After  a rocky two week start, I finally got into a steady routinue. I also started to apply it in an wider area– above and below  my brows and closer to my eyes.

Using Rogaine for My Brows

The foam  tingled a bit which  actually felt encourging.Then  I had heard that some people find Rogaine causes itching, redness and peeling–  and I hoped the little tingle was not a sign of  problems to come.  Happily even the little tingle went away.  Now I just need to  be patient– and realistic.

I’ve dreamed of full Audrey Hepburn brows but  in fact the shape of brows  depends more on the shape  than the fullness.  I needed to accept the fact that the shape of a brow depends  on the shape of the  brow bone, the eye socket , the muscles in the area and the way the brow hairs naturally grow.   Knowing this, I will be happy  to fill in my bald  spot and thicken the tails.  I  just need to wait  it out.


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  1. I’ve considered Rogaine to re-grow my eyebrows, as well, but have read that the Rogaine may cause hair to grow in random places on the face?

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