Are There Any New Treatments for Acne?

Rosacea in men questionQuestion: I’ve tried   everything you recommended, even downloaded your acne guide and I still get  breakouts . FYI  I’m 33  and too old for this.  Have you  any new ideas?

Answer:   June is Acne Awareness Month and the perfect time to answer this question.   It does seem totally unfair that at an age when you don’t have  to do homework or worry about  a prom date—you still have problems with teenage style breakouts.  But there  is good news– there are several new tools  for your anti-acne tool box. New York acne guru Dr Gary Goldenberg reports a great success with  light therapy,using  blue LED lights to kill bacteria in the pores  that provoke breakouts.  This acts much like Benzoyl Peroxide but without the dryness and irritation. To succeed you will need a series 4-8  20 minute treatments.  At this point in time many insurance plans do not  cover this  FDA approved treatment. 🙁

Another form of light therapy  takes  a nuclear approach to your acne.   Called photodynamic  therapy (PDT) ,it combines  blue light therapy with photosensitizing medication to   crank up the impact. Dr Goldberg explained that PDT acts by  shutting down the oil glands. Medication like Levulen is applied to the  skin and incubated for 60 minutes.  Then the skin is exposed to   16 minutes  and 40 seconds   of  LED blue lights.   Some  people experience pain during the light session.  The next day the skin can be  red, sore and even a bit swollen.   For the next few weeks the skin  will peel . This approach can be extremely effective for  severe and cystic acne and can even shrink pores and reduce scarring.   A usual course is 4 light sessions,  4  weeks apart.  Despite all the benefits, not all insurance plans cover PDT  therapy for acne. 🙁 🙁

New Ideas About  Diet  and Acne

Fried foods,  seafood, iodine enriched salt and chocolate  have all been implicated in acne problems—but  real proof  has proved illusive.   Now  a  new culprit  has  named.  Dr Goldenberg reports that most dairy products are high in hormones  that could trigger pimples.  If you have tried everything without success try switching to organic  milk or even non dairy options eg almond milk  and yogurt or cashew cheese. Dr Goldenberg is not a fan of  soy based  dairy alternatives.   He points out that  some studies  show an increase in breast cancer risk   from the pseudo-estrogens in soy.   In addition soy can decrease testosterone levels in males fetuses.   Acne management  during pregnancy is always tricky and  soy milk and cheese  are not  a good option. For  more information  you can  visit Dr Goldenberg’s always helpful and  informative site.

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