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fashion flash logoThis  week  Marica of Beauty Info Zone is hosting Fashion Flash.  She is  one of my ery  top go to  beauty gurus.  She is totally committed to scoping out the benefits of every  product and  I have learned to just  her recommendations.  SHe is also of  our generation and understands   the  challenges  we face picking the right cleanser,  moisturizer and make-up of every sort. Its advice you can trust.


Fashion Flash on money and healthFashion Flash on Health and Money

I have pretty much stopped  buying  magazines. One  month they  offer five new hairstyles and three new meatloaf recipes.  The next month its three  new hairstyles and five  meat loaf recipes.  But when I  saw a headline that linked health and wealth I wanted to learn more. Who doesn’t want to he  healthier  as well as  have  more money?  What is original here is the link between better  health and  better finances.  Money magazine delivers on the promise ot its headlines.

The article breaks down issues into five areas– exercise, obesity, smoking, mental sharpness and stress.  Not only does it explain the links,  the well researched article actually offers  hard numbers  on the relationship between health factors and net worth.  It also  discusses what is not worth the  cost.  For example,  the cost of a $3000 gym membership is  just not worth the money.  Money magazine suggests buying  a kettle ball  and a suspension bar. as an alternatie to a pricy gym. Together they run to about $200 and unlike  a gym membership,  will last  for years.  This  excellent article  offers  over 20 recommendations for free support in nutrition, smoking cessation as well as  apps to  help you meet your finacial/health goals.






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