How Air Pollution Ages Your Skin

question: Facial ExerciseQuestion:  Can air pollution age my skin?  After a day in the city, my face feels gritty and irritated.My gut tells me this can’t be good.

Answer:  Your  gut instinct is right.  Studies have now shown that women who live in high traffic areas have more dark spots and wrinkles. That’s the bad news. The good news?   Other research can  both explain  why traffic pollution ages the skin  and how to prevent the damage.

Air Pollution and the skinHow Air Pollution Ages the Skin

The problem starts when car emissions in heavy traffic combines with sunlight to form ozone gas.  The ozone oxidizes the natrual skin oil … Continue Reading…

Rogaine is Growing My Eyebrows!

Rogaine seems to be really working on my too skinny eyebrows. Its been  almost two months since I began applying Rogaine foam twice a day  to my brow area. To be totally honest I had a rocky time getting into a treatment routinue.   For most of the first month, I would miss at least one application a day.  And some days I never got around to  using Rogaine at all. It certainly was not  time or labor intensive but definately  aan extra step.  It took me a month to get into a regular routinue so I feel I am really just  in the first month of treatment.

Rogaine Routinue 101

I have been using 5% Rogaine for women foam.  The instructions recommend filling the entire cap with foam and use it all over your scalp.  There are no recommendations for eyebrows so I wasted quite a bit of the … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoI am so excited to host Fashion Flash  today.  Last week I was standing  in the Home Depot garden counter and I suddenly thought about all the flowers in our lives.  We use flowers in fragrances, skin care, in salads and in prints.  So this week  the Fashion Flash bloggers are sharing their  flower focused posts.  I know you will enjoy reading these posts as  much as I did.


-Did you know that flax seed comes from a pretty purple-blue flowering plant?  Melanie of Society Wellness reminds us why we should all keep consuming flax seed and flax seed oil for optimal health.

– Josephine of Chic At Any Age  shows  the best way to accessorize a flowered print dress

-Speaking of flowers, Continue Reading…

Question: What is the Best Type of Facial Exercise

question: Facial ExerciseQuestion:  What is the best type of facial exercise?  One expert  recommends  blowing out  my cheeks 10X a day.  Another recommends twisting  my  lips  from one side to the other.   Do any  facial exerices deliver on their promises?

Answer:  Facial exercises are much like exercises  for any other part of the body.  Some  are beneficial, some  do nothing and some can actually make  matters worse. Vigorous facial exercises  that twist, pucker or contort the face put increased strain on collagen fibers –and actually do  more harm than good.  These movements  stress and strain  the skin and  increase wrinkling. However isometric exercises contract and lift isolated muscles.  This  brings oxygen and  increased blood supply to the muscles that  can  lift and smooth the contours of the face.  According to facial … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week Josephine of Chic At Any Age is hosting Fashion Flash.  Not ony does  she have a great eye for true  style, she is  that rare fashion expert  who recognizes the impact of weather on what we wear. For example in the past few weeks  she has  offered a series of blog posts for  packing and wearing clothes on a summer vacation.  I LOVED  her tips on adding   glamour with a gorgeous  beach bag  and gold sandals.  Her lovely lightweght print dresses  as well as  filmy tops paired with linen pants   were a welcome antidote to the crop top/ cutoff short that  some  many style bloggers are recommending for sunny days.  In winter,  she recommended wearing  heavy tights and boots under a dress– a … Continue Reading…

The Must Have Anti-Aging Tool

Anti-Aging ToolDid you ever wonder of your suncreen is really working?  I did  and was routinuely bummed out   when  I faithfully  applied  lots of sunscreen glop before  going out–  only to come home with  freckles and a red nose. Then I discovered sun sensitive  wrist bands that changed my relationship with sunlight.  These flexible bands use  light sensitive technology to monitor your  sun exposure.  Here’s  how  they work:

When you take the  UV SunSense  wrist band  out of the packge it is pale  pink  As you wrap it aound your wrist, it  turns dark purple as soon  as it is exposed to  light Now dab on a bit of your current sunscreen and go out to enjoy the day. When the band fades to  light   … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week  I am so delighted that Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash! IMO  Cindy  of  Prime Beauty has  some of the best online  reviews of  fragrances and make-up. I always scroll   thru her site before shopping for a new  lipstick or perfume,  I not only find exactly what i want, I save  money  by avoiding products that  just don’t deliver.  Subscribe to her  wonderful site that you won/t  miss a single info filled post.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Style Forever by Alyson Walsh

This  little  book is bursting with fashion advice  for women like  me. In other … Continue Reading…