It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

fashion flash logoThis week  I am so delighted that Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash! IMO  Cindy  of  Prime Beauty has  some of the best online  reviews of  fragrances and make-up. I always scroll   thru her site before shopping for a new  lipstick or perfume,  I not only find exactly what i want, I save  money  by avoiding products that  just don’t deliver.  Subscribe to her  wonderful site that you won/t  miss a single info filled post.

Fashion Flash Book ReviewFashion Flash Book Review: Style Forever by Alyson Walsh

This  little  book is bursting with fashion advice  for women like  me. In other words I love  fashion but fully realize that leather  leggings and a crop top- the favorite  outfit of so  many online fashion sites- will never, ever  be right for me. .  But rather than sinking back  into dull and traditional,  Style Forever  demonstrates how to use  classics, vintage and current  style to knock ’em dead  at every room you enter.

The book is endlessly original and enertaining. One of  my favorite bits is  her list of “Ten Best Kick Ass Jacket Moments”.  As I read thru the list, the  images popped into my mind and brought a big smile to  my face. This  cascade of fashion blasts from the past    sent  me running to  my closet to find my one and only Chanel jacket, tuxedo   and blood red blazer. It made  me so glad I hung onto them.

Style Forever breathes new  life into calssics like the St James striped Breton tee, the “Big Girl”silk shirt and the statement coat.  And then she explains how  to wear them  with  style  and confidence.   Her approach to the tunic dress  showed me how to be chic  in cold weather– a BIG  problem  for  the new York winter..  I especially enjoyed the interviews of  fashionistas  of my age– a welcome relief  from the gagggle of twenty something fashion bloggers.  Style Forever  is a small but might guide  which proves fashion is forever.

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