The Must Have Anti-Aging Tool

Anti-Aging ToolDid you ever wonder of your suncreen is really working?  I did  and was routinuely bummed out   when  I faithfully  applied  lots of sunscreen glop before  going out–  only to come home with  freckles and a red nose. Then I discovered sun sensitive  wrist bands that changed my relationship with sunlight.  These flexible bands use  light sensitive technology to monitor your  sun exposure.  Here’s  how  they work:

  1. When you take the  UV SunSense  wrist band  out of the packge it is pale  pink
  2.  As you wrap it aound your wrist, it  turns dark purple as soon  as it is exposed to  light
  3. Now dab on a bit of your current sunscreen and go out to enjoy the day.
  4. When the band fades to  light   pink  its  a signal  to reapply sunscreen
  5. When the bands fades to pale yellow its time to get out of the sun.  Your body has absorbed its UV limits for the day.

UV Sun Sense stripsWhat  I love about  UV Sun Sense is that it not only monitors my sun exposure, it shows  me how well my sunscreen is working.   I know that I am such a science geek, but it gives me such a sense of control to be able to judge how  a sunscreen doing its job.  Last year I was surprised that  my long time favorite sunscreen  did not seem to offer   much protection.  Then I realized that  it was leftover from last summer and  had lost its potency.  A  new bottle  worked as well as it had in the past. As good as they were, UV SUnSense bands were  hard to find so  when  I  opened  our Fashion Flash Boutique it was one of the first products we offered.   I figured that even if it didn’t sell,  I would  find  good use  for them.  They did  sell very well and now I have them back in stock.

UV SunSense bands are not  just for women.  They are great for weekend warriors or golfers to help guys know when they need to reapply  sunscreen.   And rather than chase my  kids around the pool with a tube of  unwelcome   sunscreen, I tell them to watch the colors on the bands and come back  when they turn  pink– a signal its time  for more “goop”.
I have to confess that I use UV SunSense bands  as an anti-aging tool.  Keep in mind that up to age 60, up to 90% of skin aging  is actually  sun damage.   But sun damage is more than a vanity issue .  Skin cancer rates have risn 77% in the last ten years solely due to excessive sun exposure.  UV SunSense bands  can  help you stay both healthy and beautiful.  A packagge of   7 bands is  $15  and shipping is always free in the Fashion Flash Boutique.


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