Question: What is the Best Type of Facial Exercise

question: Facial ExerciseQuestion:  What is the best type of facial exercise?  One expert  recommends  blowing out  my cheeks 10X a day.  Another recommends twisting  my  lips  from one side to the other.   Do any  facial exerices deliver on their promises?

Answer:  Facial exercises are much like exercises  for any other part of the body.  Some  are beneficial, some  do nothing and some can actually make  matters worse. Vigorous facial exercises  that twist, pucker or contort the face put increased strain on collagen fibers –and actually do  more harm than good.  These movements  stress and strain  the skin and  increase wrinkling. However isometric exercises contract and lift isolated muscles.  This  brings oxygen and  increased blood supply to the muscles that  can  lift and smooth the contours of the face.  According to facial exercise expert Cynthia Rowland, facial muscles are  much smaller than most muscles in the body, so they respond quickly to the right type of exercise.

Rowland points out  that facial muscles, unlike  most muscles in the body, are anchored to the bone  only at one end—and  the other end of the muscle is attached to the skin or other muscles.   In addition,  facial muscles weave over and under each other so that isolating individual muscles is the only way to strengthen  them.  For each exercise  she anchors the other end of each muscle with a thumb and forefinger placed on specific areas on the face. .  Rowland  has developed a series of isometric exercises that target  individual   facial muscles.  Called Facial Magic, the program  starts with  the muscles in the upper brow and upper cheeks.  What I personally love about these exercises is that you can see instant results.  The first time I tried the exercises for the upper eyes  I was frankly astonished  at the immediate lift  that lasted  for several hours.  This exercise has become my  “secret” make-up  tip.  If I am going out  to a meeting or event where I  need to make a good impression, I do the  upper eye  exercise  right before leaving the house. For  more information on  these facial isometric exercises check out the Facial Magic website.

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